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you’re probably tapering for a marathon if…

First up, week 16 of Chicago Marathon training (taper week 1):

chicago week 16

Signs you may be tapering for a marathon:

Tapering for a marathon can cause some craziness for us runners.  Last week, I had already started to feel the effects of the taper and experienced some craziness of my own in the form of marathon “nightmares.”

On Sunday, I got to experience some other (unfortunate) signs of the taper during my 15 mile run when I diagnosed myself with at least 3 different running-related injuries.  Isn’t tapering fun?


To follow up on my list of signs you may be training for a marathon, I’ve put together a list of signs you may be tapering for a marathon.

So yea, this is my life right now…

youve got the crazies


Someone PLEASE tell me they can relate!

OR- are you one of those lucky ones who actually enjoy the taper and don’t turn into a walking loony toon the weeks leading up to a race? 


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let the taper begin and crying post-run.

First up! Chicago Marathon training from last week:


It’s TAPER TIME baby!

The work is done.  I’ve spent the last 15 weeks building mileage, working on my speed and endurance, being exhausted non-stop, and eating around the clock.


For the next 3 weeks, pushing my body the way I have in the past few weeks will not help me (in fact, it would hurt my chances of having an amazing race in Chicago).  My mileage will not increase (it will decrease pretty significantly), my running workouts will focus on marathon goal pace and a slow, relaxed pace, and my biggest focus will be on rest. Now’s the time to bring my mileage back down, rest, sleep, and let my body repair itself before the big day.


I finished up my peak week with a 21 mile run on Sunday.  I met up with running buddies early in the morning (like before the sun was up – ugh) and we headed out to Central Park.  I had company for the first 11 miles which made the time fly by.  I figured I could handle 10 miles by myself so I wasn’t too worried once I broke off from the group to continue running alone.

so awesome in fact

I felt incredible.  In a hilly Central Park, my pace was right on target for a long run.  The plan was to keep my long-run pace throughout the run and then use the last 3 miles to test out my marathon goal pace.  Well, I felt SO GOOD, that my last 3 miles were slightly faster than my marathon goal pace.

Yep. Those last 3 miles? All 9:40s.

On crying post-run:

When I hit 21 miles, I slowed down and jogged my way out of the park.  As I walked from the park to the subway, I found myself overcome with emotion… and I started crying.  Not sobbing, just tears.  But real tears.  Right there on a busy Manhattan street.

dont even care

After everything that happened the past year…  after injury, surgery, another injury, a break-up, the loss of a loved one – here I was, just having finished a strong 21 mile run.  I couldn’t help but think about how far I’ve come and how thankful I am for this sport. This sport is therapy.  This sport is healing.  This sport is magic. 

I’m ready to stand at the start line on October 13th.  I’m ready to push myself and cross that finish line.  And damnit I’m ready for a shiny new PR. 


Are you too emotional for this sport? Nothing makes me more emotional than a touching running story.

What’s your favorite part about tapering?


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