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the “taper crazies” begin…

Ohhhh the taper crazies.  Anyone who has ever tapered before a big race knows exactly what I’m talking about here.

In 2011, the night before the NYC Marathon, I convinced myself that I had shin splints (even though this is an injury that I have never had before).  I was so convinced that I got down on the ground and stretched my shins, right in the middle of a busy Central Park.  As I was freaking out and laying on the ground, hoards of runners and their friends/family walked around me to get a peak at the finish line.

pre marathon 2011

Well, I’m barely into my taper this year and I’m already experiencing some crazy.

coo coo cachoo

Last night, I dreamt that the Chicago Marathon voided all times for runners who didn’t keep at least a 9:36 pace for the marathon.  And yes, my dream was specific with the 9:36 pace.  And yes, I woke up in a panic.

Damn you, crazies.  Leave me in peace for the next 16 days, will ya?


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