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Taper crazies?

First up, workouts from week 1 of Philadelphia Marathon taper:

www marathon taper 1

I had to do some shuffling of workouts since Tuesday I ended up at the Isles game in Brooklyn and then spent the weekend in Boston.

boston college

The benefit of making my own schedule and not trying to PR this marathon is that I have a little more flexibility when it comes to rearranging my training around my social life. Also, that 10M run was supposed to be 13-15M but the temps were above 75 with 80% humidity in NYC and my legs were all “bahaha nope” so I adjusted and felt zero guilt.

That time my marathon sign became famous:

marathon sign

This sign is always a hit with the runners and now, finally, at my 3rd race cheering with it, it got some online recognition! Multiple friends/followers found this photo on Instagram when it was posted by the runner, RunKeeper, and then the nycmarathon. When this lovely runner stopped and asked to take a picture with me, I figured I’d never see the photo. Thank you, internet!

Lacking in my taper crazies:

marathon taper crazies

So yea, seems I’m severely lacking in my taper crazies this year. (Taper crazies from years past: you’re probably tapering for a marathon, marathon nightmares)

What I’m experiencing the most right now is the kind of exhaustion that only happens during these taper weeks. No bedtime is too early, every alarm is too early, and I can basically fall asleep at any given moment during the day. The appetite is really starting to pick up too. Yesterday, I ate 5 slices of pizza for lunch and was still starving come dinnertime. But other than that, I’m not experiencing the taper the way I have in years past.

Some reasons why I may not be experiencing full taper crazies:

  • My training was laughable and my body is all, “hahaha tapering from what?”
  • The lack of taper crazies is a new kind of taper crazy designed to give me a false sense of security
  • The full taper crazies are just around the corner and are waiting for me to let my guard down before striking with full force

I know the taper crazies drive me INSANE with each marathon but now my lack of taper crazies are making me even nuttier. I cannot win. Why do I keep signing up for this?


Less than two weeks to Philly… who else is IN?

Tell me about a time you didn’t experience taper crazies and then had the best – race – ever. TELL ME IT’S POSSIBLE.

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The hay is in the barn: NYCM taper time!

First up, workouts from week 14 of NYCM training:

nycm week 14

The hay is in the barn: It’s taper time!

With my last 20-miler complete and less than 2 weeks until race day, it is officially time to taper! Time to decrease the mileage, increase the sleeping, repair these muscles, and rebuild all the glycogen I’ve so willingly depleted these past few weeks.

Thanks Alec, for thinking of me when you saw this...

Thanks Alec, for thinking of me when you saw this…

If you’ve been reading DErunnerNIAL since last year, you know how loony toons I usually get during the taper period:

I even made a “taper crazies” checklist that I’ve since seen many a people pin on Pinterest or post on Instagram:

youve got the crazies

This is the shortest taper period I’ve ever had as I usually do a three week taper soooo perhaps my crazies won’t be as crazy this year? Or is that wishful thinking?

ryan gosling

I’m already experiencing the ‘stuffed up, can’t breathe, I obviously have some strand of the bubonic plague’ going on so that’s fun. Here’s to lots of sleep, whole foods, Emergen-C, and tea knocking this out real quick!  It actually makes me feel a lot better to read my checklist from last year to see that yes, this is normal, you’ve gotten a cold during taper before and still finished a marathon. 

woohoo ryan gosling

Actually, the biggest thing I’m worried about this year is fueling. I haven’t done anything different my past two long runs but during both runs I had a “omg I need a restroom right this second” moment and luckily, I happened to be right near a restroom at the time.  But seriously, WTF? That cannot happen on marathon day. Start praying to the marathon gods right now. Thanks.

ALSO – if you haven’t already seen, I shared some taper tips with The Active Times last week so check them out here! Hopefully, I can remember my own advice these next 12 days…


How do you deal with the taper crazies?

Tell me the most ridiculous taper crazy moment you’ve had so I can feel less like a loony toon…


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marathon nightmares.

Last week, I wrote about the “taper crazies” and made up a short list of signs you might be tapering for a marathon.

youve got the crazies

I also wrote about one of my (many) marathon nightmares.  I’ve since received a few inquiries about whether or not I’m still getting marathon nightmares and if they have gotten any more intense.  Well, the answer is yes (to both questions).

So here ya go, folks.  In order of increasing terror, my marathon nightmares:

First nightmare: I get to Chicago and realize that I’ve only packed my adidas sandals.


Second nightmare: I run the Chicago Marathon but afterwards find out that the Chicago Marathon has voided all times for runners who did not finish with a pace of 9:36.


Third nightmare: My plane gets in so late (like 2 full days late) that I have to run from the airport to the start line because all the streets in Chicago are closed.

get out the way biatch

Fourth nightmare: On my way to the airport, I get off the subway at the wrong stop and step off onto some random campus where I am stabbed in my armpit with a pen.


That last one is pretty morbid.  I wasn’t lying when I said that each dream gets increasingly frightening.

Here’s to nightmare-free nights for the next 5 sleeps!


Anyone else experience some crazy pre-marathon nightmares?


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you’re probably tapering for a marathon if…

First up, week 16 of Chicago Marathon training (taper week 1):

chicago week 16

Signs you may be tapering for a marathon:

Tapering for a marathon can cause some craziness for us runners.  Last week, I had already started to feel the effects of the taper and experienced some craziness of my own in the form of marathon “nightmares.”

On Sunday, I got to experience some other (unfortunate) signs of the taper during my 15 mile run when I diagnosed myself with at least 3 different running-related injuries.  Isn’t tapering fun?


To follow up on my list of signs you may be training for a marathon, I’ve put together a list of signs you may be tapering for a marathon.

So yea, this is my life right now…

youve got the crazies


Someone PLEASE tell me they can relate!

OR- are you one of those lucky ones who actually enjoy the taper and don’t turn into a walking loony toon the weeks leading up to a race? 


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