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Running comfortably…

About a mile into our 10-mile run last weekend, I turned to Justin and said, “I need to buy another pair of these shorts ASAP, I love how they fit.” What I meant  was, “I need another pair of these shorts ASAP because I don’t like wearing underwear to run and these keep the lady parts happy.” Note: that’s not an affiliate link, I just really love these shorts. Edit: I bought two new pairs of these shorts while typing this post. #SorryCreditCard

True story: your base layer matters a lot when you run. It matters even more in the summer when you’re out there creating a swampfest on your skin.

Tips for choosing a base layer:

  • If possible, go commando. One of the biggest reasons the Oiselle Roga Shorts are my faaavorite and get washed more times in my sink than they do in the laundry is because they come equipped with a built-in base layer. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find any kind of crop/pant that comes equipped with built-in undies and, let me tell you, going commando here should be done cautiously. #LiveAndLearn
  • Avoid cotton at all costs. Cotton traps heat and moisture and one of two things will happen – you’ll chafe during the run, feel it happening, and be uncomfortable for miles or you’ll chafe during the run, feel fine, and then cry out when you get into the shower. Quick drying material is always best here.
  • Be sure the fit is snug, but not tight. When it comes to sweatpants, the looser, the better. Running attire (especially those undies)? Not so much. You want the material to fit snug but not too tight. You want a snug fit so that as you move the fabric doesn’t move and rub against your skin. You might be lucky and feel fine while you’re running but there won’t be any mistaking those chafe burns once you step into the shower. Tight can be uncomfortable and can also affect breathing (think: a too tight sports bra. #WontMakeThatMistakeAgain).
  • Watch those seams! Some underwear is fine for everyday life or even a short run but once your mileage creeps up and you’re running for hours and not minutes, the tiniest thing can cause irritation.

After all that, my only other piece of advice would be- when in doubt, use Vaseline.

Seriously, is there anything Vaseline can’t fix? Don’t answer that.


This Saturday is the Newport 10k! Stay tuned for all the fun 🙂

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