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Apartment Decorating with Modern Map Art.

Justin and I have been living in our UWS apartment for about a year and a half now (although I’ve been on the UWS, and on this very block actually, for much, much longer).  When we first moved in, we both agreed that we needed things on the walls to make the apartment feel like home; unfortunately, we weren’t always in agreement in terms of what went on the walls.

Both of us made at least one compromise but we ended up happy with a combination of pieces that came from our lives before each other and new things that we bought together. We’ve got lots of photos of us, a framed print of the restaurant we ate at after our engagement (River Cafe), and some other personal pieces.

My favorite is a gift I bought for Justin early on in our living together when we were still arguing over what to put on the walls. I told him I bought something for the entryway and that he had to trust me because I wouldn’t have bought something if I wasn’t 100% positive it was something he’d love.

One area in our apartment that was never a source of contention was the kitchen. We decided early on that we’d like all the art in the kitchen to be NYC-themed.

Even with all these in the kitchen, there was still one little wall next to the sink where I wanted to hang something but nothing we’d found seemed right… until Modern Map Art (affiliate link) reached out to me about one of their NYC prints.

Justin went out and bought a cheap frame from Michael’s and it just looks perfect on this little wall that had been bugging me for over a year. The print is extremely professional looking. It comes on nice paper and the ink is so dark that it’s unbelievably striking. I already have ideas for other maps I want to get for us or for friends/family as gifts.

Modern Map Art has a variety of prints – countries, cities, ski trails, skylines, and even an option to customize your map (this is a game-changer!). We have a few friends/family who are engaged and I’m thinking a map of the couple’s first home together might be a great engagement gift 🙂

The next few weeks are hopefully filled with less apartment updating (it does need a bit of spring summer cleaning though) as I begin training for the NYCM today! There’s also a wedding coming up in, oh, I don’t know, TWO MONTHS (gah!) and there’s still lots to do. Is it still considered wedding planning if everything is technically planned we just have to execute everything? And why does that take even more time?!?


Next up: How I plan to train for a marathon, plan a wedding, have a wedding and a honeymoon, and also not hate absolutely everything. 

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