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It’s (un)officially summer so stay comfy out there…

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, it is unofficially summer in NYC!Ā Because I wanted to truly enjoy my entire long weekend upstate, I opted for a weeknight “long” run before we got on a train out of town Friday afternoon. It’s so nice to go upstate where I have an entire wardrobe and other essentials because my travel bag is almost non-existent. Yay vacation homes šŸ™‚

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite running shorts and you KNOW I’ve got two pairs upstate. These shorts are all sorts of amazing – they don’t ride up, they don’t chafe, and they have theĀ bestĀ built-in base layer (tips on choosing a great base layer for runningĀ can be found here).

Tommy John used my post (and advice from other fitness professionals) to create the below infographic with tips on staying comfortable while being active.

I love how they broke it down into 3 essential F’s: fabric, fit, and function. If you’ve got an active dadĀ in your life (Father’s Day is just around the corner!), Tommy John has a bunch of boxer briefs that match up perfectly with the above advice.

My brother isn’t a dad but he only likes gifts if he considers them practical and functional so I’m tagging their undershirts as possible future birthday and Christmas gifts. I swear, dude only wants socks and underwear. A few years ago he requested sweatpants…

While upstate, we ran everyday and kept our runs easy paced and shortĀ at 2 miles a piece. It isĀ soĀ much easier to run while away when the mileage is nice and low. I can’t come up with an excuse not to run when I know it’ll only take us 20 minutes from start to finish.

Other than the post-breakfast jaunts, we spent our weekend stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, eating, drinking, and well, laying around. It was wonderful.

Summer already feels like it’s going too fast. Looking at our calendar, we have so many busy weekends coming up that it feels like I’m going to blink and it’s going to be wedding day.

In June alone, we’ve got Justin’s brother with us for a weekend, my cousin’s high school graduation (she’s heading up to BC in the fall just like her awesome big cousin *wink wink*), Justin’s lasik surgery, a weekend in the Hamptons, Father’s Day on Long Island, my bridal shower, and another trip upstate for the fourth of July weekend.

Busy (but fun!) times ahead. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

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Should’ve been a cowboy: Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was for:

  • Staying in and watching Pitch Perfect… and 50 Shades of Grey. #notevensorry
  • Christening my spin bike with my favorite instructor at the new Upper BEST Side Soulcycle studio.
  • Waking up before the sun to get in 6 beautiful Hudson River miles before Amtraking to paradise.
  • Eating pizza outside on a picnic table.
  • Changing into rags to get my paint on.
  • Listening to country music and painting 10 new kitchen chairs all sorts of fun colors.
  • Spilling blue paint all over myself and freshly painted kitchen chairs. #DIYfail
  • Laughing to the point of tears as we relive my moment of spilling paint everywhere, “sh*t sh*t sh*t f*ck sh*it.”
  • Touching up all the chairs because, whoops, I’m the reason we can’t have nice things.
  • Barbecuing and laughing at Mr. Big’s exhaustion. Turns out, he’s a country dog.
  • Polyurethaning chairs and being thankful that polyurethane is clear. #canttakemeanywhere
  • Rocking a backwards trucker hat and looking like I’m 17.
  • Kayaking in my own backyard.
  • Teaching my parents to kayak.
  • Watching Mr Big swim in the lake for the first time ever. No seriously, he hates water. Whose dog is he?
  • Wearing plaid, rocking a “Back to Back World War Champs” trucker hat, and eating ice cream with the locals.
  • Painting a welcome sign on a old headboard that we bought for $8. #DIYwin
  • Getting cutsĀ and scrapes on my legs, paint in my hair, and dirt in my nails… and lovingĀ it all.
  • Rethinking my whole “city girl” life and planning a summer of long country weekends.


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