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How I’m managing life, marathon training, and planning a wedding.

Week 4 of marathon training complete!

Balancing Life, Marathon Training, and Planning a Wedding

Let me just say – it’s not easy. This is not a post about how I’m balancing it all perfectly and I’m not stressed at all and blah blah blah. It’s hard. There have been freak outs and lengthy text messages to my parents and frustrated phone calls to Justin and wanting to burst into tears on the subway because I’M JUST SO TIRED AND OMG HOW COME WE AREN’T MOVING AND I JUST WANT TO BE HOME AND EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING.

I didn’t plan on this – I received guaranteed entry to the NYC Marathon prior to getting engaged. Once I knew that running the marathon would also include planning a wedding, having a wedding, and going on a honeymoon, I sat down and listed the pros and cons of attempting to do it all vs. deferring to next year. Obviously, I decided on doing ALL THE THINGS… so here’s how I’m attempting to make it all work.

I Adjusted My Schedule

I’ve actually adjusted two schedules – my training schedule and my work schedule.

In terms of the training schedule, I took what I did for the NYCM back in 2014 and used it as a framework.

I decreased mileage where I could and adjusted some of the speed workouts since I’m most definitely not gunning for a PR this time around. I don’t want to be stressed about hitting certain times the day of the marathon or during training. I’m incorporating speed workouts but only going by feel and not by the number on my watch (I actually haven’t recorded a single pace in my records and don’t plan on doing so at any point during training).

I moved workouts around my wedding weekend and during my honeymoon to make training more manageable (I’ve got a 20 mile run between the wedding and honeymoon, two 10-mile runs during the honeymoon, and a final 20 miler when we get back to NY).

I’ve been doing the majority of my long runs on Friday morning to keep my weekends empty and stress-free. To do this, I’ve been working Friday afternoons only. I get my long run done in the morning, relax a bit at home, get to work by 12, and then leave work by 4. As my runs get longer, I have a few Fridays scheduled to be completely off. This has been a HUGE help in keeping me sane. I’m extremely lucky that I have the flexibility at work to do this, especially when I have an entire month(!) off for the wedding and honeymoon.

Another thing I’ve been doing much more frequently than ever before is working out before work Monday-Thursday. Usually I get to work by 8am and leave around 4. Lately, I’ve been running or doing another workout in the morning, getting to work between 9 and 9:30, and then leaving between 5 and 5:30. This frees up my afternoons so I can work on things with Justin, go to my dress fittings/alteration appointments, etc. It’s not my preferred time of day to work out but it’s been necessary this training cycle and I’m making it work.

I Keep Insanely Detailed Lists and Delegate Tasks

Lists, lists, and more lists! Google Docs up the whazoo!

We have a document/spreadsheet for:

  • All invitations sent, who has RSVPed, and addresses
  • All “yes” RSVPs
  • All “to-do’s” before the wedding categorized by vendor and type of task
  • A checklist of absolutely everything, no matter how small, that has to get done wedding weekend (Wednesday – Monday)
  • All expenses for the wedding and all monetary gifts
  • All expenses for the honeymoon and all honeyfund gifts/monetary gifts we are putting towards the honeymoon
  • All thank you cards already sent and thank you’s that will need to be sent

I have folders in my gmail for absolutely everything wedding-related (photography, music, hair/makeup, venue, hotels, honeymoon, gifts, rehearsal dinner, etc.) and have never deleted a single one. Each e-mail gets filed in the appropriate folder so it can be referred to at a later date.

At first, I was struggling with all these “lists,” especially since Justin and I have very different ideas on what document format makes sense, but I’ve got it all under control now. Phew!

Another thing I’m getting better at doing is delegating certain tasks to other people – my parents, Justin, our week-of wedding planner (who has graciously offered to help even before that week!). It is OKAY to ask for help. It will be TOTALLY FINE if someone else puts the pictures in my bouquet charms or assembles the restroom baskets or calls the hotel to confirm who has already booked.

There are certain things I feel more comfortable doing myself (like our scrapbook), but I went through the list of to-do’s and marked off things that could be delegated to others and OMG it alleviated so much stress. People want to help – let them.

I Cut Myself Some Slack

Planning a wedding is hard. Marathon training is hard. Work is hard. Life is hard. IT’S ALL SO HARD. #whydidieverwanttobeanadult

But that is why I’m doing my best to cut myself some slack. It’s okay if I have to adjust a workout because I’m too tired for what is scheduled or I don’t have time for 5 miles before work and can only squeeze in 3. It’s okay if I have to make a cup of coffee before work instead of my usual decaf tea. It’s okay if I fall asleep at 8:30pm on my birthday. It’s okay if I want to go into a murderous rage when someone who fell asleep before me, woke up after me, worked the same number of hours, and didn’t run, tells me they’re tired (coughcoughJustincoughcough).

It’s all okay. I’m one person. The wedding will be here in 5 weeks and it won’t matter whose handwriting is on the escort cards or if every welcome bag is exactly the same. The wedding will be perfect because at the end of it, I’ll be married to Justin. The marathon will be great because, while I might be a little biased, NYC is the best marathon in the world and it’ll be my celebratory 26.2-mile party at the end of all this craziness.

I’ve got this.


If anyone has any other tips for how to handle these last few weeks of wedding planning – please send them my way!

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Knocking off some summer bucket list activities!

About a month ago, I made it my mission to have an amazing summer and accomplish a few summer bucket list items.  I’ve now knocked off two and plan to knock off at least one more next week.

2014 Summer Bucket List

SUMMER BUCKET LIST ITEM: Do something touristy in NYC.

  • WHAT: Boat Cruise around Manhattan
  • WHEN: Thursday, July 3

The lovely Alec brought it to my attention that NASH FM had teamed up with the Circle Line Thirsty Thursday cruises to offer a country music boat cruise around Manhattan. So yea, that basically took zero convincing on her part to get me to buy a ticket. We all know how much I love drinking outside. And country music. And drinking outside while listening to country music.

outdoor drankin

As I was taking all the obligatory “I’m on a boat” photos, I realized that all my photos were also the quintessential “I’m a tourist” photos so I asked the question, “does this count as my something touristy?” Alec and a surrounding stranger both agreed that yes, this counted.

manhattan boat cruise

These views absolutely took my breath away.  Even as a lifetime New Yorker, I got chills being so close to the Statue of Liberty, riding under the Brooklyn Bridge, and speeding past downtown Manhattan and the Freedom Tower, that I truly did feel like a tourist in my own city.

A big thanks to Alec for helping me to cross of my first bucket list item of the summer!

im on a boat

SUMMER BUCKET LIST ITEM: Go to a baseball game.

  • WHAT: Brooklyn Cyclones @ MCU Park, Coney Island
  • WHEN: Wednesday, July 16

I made it a bucket list item to see any baseball game.  I wasn’t gonna be picky here.  Can you believe I went ALL OF LAST SUMMER without going to a single baseball game?  Awful.

I couldn’t let that happen again… so when work sent out an e-mail for CUNY night at the Brooklyn Cyclones game, which included free tickets, a chance to cross an item off my bucket list, and another opportunity to drink outside, it was an obvious no-brainer.

coney island ny

But mostly the outdoor drinking. And my coworkers. And Katie.  They’re all pretty cool too.

coworker and friend love at mcu park

I’m excited to cross some other items off of my summer bucket list and perhaps even double cross off the two I’ve already completed.

I’ll be on vacation and very busy sunning myself on the beach next week so it may be quiet here on the blog but do not fret, NYCM training is in full swing and I’ll be getting in a long run before I leave NYC and will be continuing my workouts from a sandy shore. It’s a tough life.


Have you started fall marathon training yet? How are you balancing training and summer fun?


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the training before the training.

First up, workouts from last week:


The training before the training:

As most of you know, I’m making my return to the NYCM this year after last years’ emotional breakdown in a bagel store on marathon morning.

stop the crying geeze

Last year, I trained alone and ran an almost 17 minute PR in Chicago, one year after having knee surgery.  I know I have another few minutes in me.  To help me knock off those minutes, I’ve hired the lovely Jess of RacePaceWellness to kick my butt into high gear.

positive thoughts

We’ll be working together for the 16 weeks leading up to the NYCM, beginning the week of July 14. To help get me ready for the insane training I’m sure Jess has planned, I’m doing a bit of base training before July 14th rolls around.

NYCM Pre-training:

  • Easy paced runs, working back up to 20 miles/week
    • 2 runs followed by strides
    • 1 hill repeat workout
    • 1 longer run
  • 2-3 days of full body strength training
  • At least one day of cross-training and/or yoga

It may not be much mile-wise, but it’s a lot more strength training than I’ve done since college. It also means I have to go to Central Park and make friends with some of those darn hills yet again.

So yea, for the next couple of weeks I’ll be picking it up to really give myself a solid foundation before training officially begins. I don’t know if I should be petrified or super excited…

i may never smile again

Do you do any sort of base training before beginning a training program?

What do you do to mentally get ready for an intense training cycle?

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on going “dry” until marathon day.

First up, week 12 of Chicago Marathon training:


On not drinking until after the marathon:

I’m not a big drinker to begin with so this may seem like it’s not a big deal… however, with football and fall beer season upon us, I anticipate having a little trouble with this goal.

gimme the punkin

Yes, I fully realize that one drink or two won’t make or break my marathon goal. It’s not about that.  It’s more about how alcohol affects my body and training now, which will affect my race-day performance.  With 20 miles on my calendar for this past Sunday, I knew I wanted to be as prepared physically and mentally as possible come 7am Sunday morning…

This meant no drinks at The Royal on Tuesday night:

brian gets the free beer ticket

This meant diet cokes and water at Session 73 on Friday night:

hydrating right at session 73

And this meant water, seltzer, and green tea at the Labor Day BBQ yesterday:

labor day bbq

I’ve put my brother in charge of buying me a beer for when I finish the marathon on October 13th.

not a beer this large though, john. please.

Marathon day is 39 days from now.  39 days of football without a beer.  39 days of pumpkin beer Instagram photos.  39 days of “why aren’t you drinking?”

But also, 39 days until this:

bring me that line...

Worth it.


Do you stop drinking or cut back on alcohol when training for a goal race?


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