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you’re probably tapering for a marathon if…

First up, week 16 of Chicago Marathon training (taper week 1):

chicago week 16

Signs you may be tapering for a marathon:

Tapering for a marathon can cause some craziness for us runners.  Last week, I had already started to feel the effects of the taper and experienced some craziness of my own in the form of marathon “nightmares.”

On Sunday, I got to experience some other (unfortunate) signs of the taper during my 15 mile run when I diagnosed myself with at least 3 different running-related injuries.  Isn’t tapering fun?


To follow up on my list of signs you may be training for a marathon, I’ve put together a list of signs you may be tapering for a marathon.

So yea, this is my life right now…

youve got the crazies


Someone PLEASE tell me they can relate!

OR- are you one of those lucky ones who actually enjoy the taper and don’t turn into a walking loony toon the weeks leading up to a race? 


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