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 The Story:

On August 16, 2012, after more than 4 months of fighting with IT band syndrome, I had surgery to remove the bursa below my IT band, lengthen the IT band, and get rid of any scar tissue that may have also been causing pain. 

During surgery, my surgeon found that I also have a larger than normal meniscus (note that this was NOT evident on an MRI) that became frayed, thus causing me even more pain.

Since there is very little information out there about this rare surgery, I’ve decided to use this page as a quick reference for anyone looking for more information on the surgery and the recovery period following the operation. Below is a recovery calendar as well as all posts related to my recovery.

*Recovery Update: Less than 14 months after surgery, I ran the Chicago Marathon 17 minutes faster than my previous PR before the surgery.   I’ve since run 2 more marathons, including the 48.6 mile Dopey Challenge, with no pain.

*Click here for a full list of the stretches and exercises I use to prevent ITBS in the future.

RECOVERY CALENDAR (click to enlarge):


the decision to have surgery.

surgery and my first 4 days post-op.

3 annoying things i experienced one week post-op.

improvements seen two-weeks post-op.

1st week of physical therapy.

three weeks post-op.

life at four weeks post-op.

legitimate cross-training and 95% ROM (5 weeks).

returning to normal! 6 weeks post-op.

i’m gonna RUN soon! 7 weeks post-op.

8 weeks post-op & approved to “run.”

RETURN TO RUNNING! 9 weeks post-op.

3 months post-op – finished the run/walk program!

Running for mileage now!


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  1. RunNes

    How are you feeling? Please Update…im having the surgery in 3 weeks! good luck with your recovery!

    • DErunnerNIAL

      i’m sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering from ITBS too! it really is awful! i just posted an update on how my first few days went post-op and i’ll definitely continue posting as i begin my rehab. feel free to e-mail (angela {at} runnerindenial {dot} com) me with any questions as well as i know going into a surgery that is rarely done is pretty damn scary. keep in touch!

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  18. Kim

    I’m grateful that you journaled your experiences with IT Band surgery and recovery. After 15 months of outer knee pain and miss diagnosis I finally had IT Band release surgery in Boston last week. There is not a lot if information about this surgery available so I read all your posts and they were so helpful. My recovery seems to be tracking along very similar to yours. Thank you for sharing :) I haven’t run since completing the very hot 2012 Boston marathon with team Dana Farber. What an incredible experience….. I hope to repeat in 2015. The devastation that this years marathon suffered pales in comparison to my post op woes. It helps to keep things in perspective. I’m wondering about ibuprofen use? My doctor doesn’t recommend it post op only Tylenol now that I’m done (maybe prematurely) with narcotic painkillers. Do you have any thoughts on ibuprofen use post op? I’m having trouble walking still (surgery 4/17) due to pain and a lot of swelling. Advil apparently can impede healing. Congrats on getting back to running! Inspirational…
    Best wishes Kim

    • DErunnerNIAL

      Hi Kim! I’m sorry to hear that you had to have the surgery but do know that better days are ahead! I had trouble walking for a while and don’t even get me started about the stairs! It takes time but it’s good knowing that it won’t be TOO long before you’re back and running again. I took primarily tylenol at first but did switch over to aleve after a few weeks and felt it helped me deal with any lingering swelling and pain. hope you have a speedy recovery!

      • Kaitlyn

        I was wondering where you got your surgery done and who did it? I live in California and running is my life I need to get surgery fast! Please email me at

        • Kim

          I’m in Boston and had surgery at N.E. Baptist by Dr. Bill Mitchell. Best of luck.

        • jessica

          I live in west virginia. Dr. Knutson did mine. Dont away think surgery is the answer and going to help out. I got surgery well over a year ago and I’m still in pain. But I hope it works out better for you than it did for me! Good luck!

          • DErunnerNIAL

            Sorry you’re still in pain! I’ve completely recovered and just ran my fastest marathon in Chicago last month. Any reason your docs think you’re still having trouble? That seems so awful :-(

          • jessica

            He said it could be my IT band so I go friday for another MRI . And I will go from there I guess

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  21. jessica

    I had surgery on my knee over a year ago and I’m still in pain today. Every day I hurt and nothin seems to help. No OTC meds work. I have gotten one cortizone shot about a month ago and that didn’t help either. I might get surgery on my IT Band, but idk yet. I got to get an mri done on my hip in about a week. Then when I get my results I will go from there. I’m 22 years old and I don’t like being in pain everyday. There is nights when I have a hard time falling to sleep cause I’m in pain or I wake up in the middle of the night cause I’m in pain. I just want it to go away. If only it was that simple though.

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  25. Ken

    Thanks for posting your story about this injury. I just had similar surgery and it’s been helpful to read.

  26. Cara

    I also want to thank you for posting your recovery! This has been the most helpful and encouraging blog I’ve read, especially with issues that are so hard to find information on. I just had surgery and reading your entries has helped tremendously. Thank you and all the best wishes for your running (and spinning)!

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  28. Kim Bragg

    Thanks so much for posting your progress. I am scheduled to have surgery on sept 5th and my biggest concern is how soon were you able to drive?

    • DErunnerNIAL

      I wish I could tell you… but as I live in NYC, I actually haven’t driven in years. Seeing as though I was up and running pretty quickly, I’d imagine one could be driving within two weeks? Gah! I don’t know!

      • Reed

        Thank you for posting your story. I am very interested in who did your surgery. Can you post or email me the name of your doctor? Thanks!

  29. meg

    Does anyone know of a good Itband surgeon in the northwest?

  30. Chloe Lindsay

    Hi I am not a runner in fact I don’t think I have ever run in my life, when I was 16 I was diagnosed with this syndrome in both legs! I struggle daily with walking due to the pain of the IT band clunking over my leg! In 2012 I had the surgery on both legs. For a while I was pain free but 2 years later I am having to try the surgery again as the clunking has come back, i was just wondering if anyone else has had this surgery re-done? Thanks Chloe

  31. Bob

    Hey, signed up for IT Band surgery. Was it worth it?
    I am really having a hard time just thinking about recovery from it. Did you lose any stability in the knee from the surgery?

    • DErunnerNIAL

      MORE THAN WORTH IT! The recovery wasn’t all that rough but you have to really put the work into the physical therapy. I ran a half-marathon with no problems less than 5 months after surgery. Absolutely no loss of stability and I’m running stronger than ever. In 3 weeks, I’ll be running my 4th marathon since surgery. Best of luck!

  32. Bob

    Thank you for the fast reply with this. Best of luck with your marathon. I signed up for the Disney marathon, but my training went to hell because of this IT band issue. I thought that i could push trough it, but after two years of knee pain i am done. Thanks for the great information on here!

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