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Fall Foliage 5k.

A couple weeks ago when my BC friends were in New York as a 30th birthday surprise, my ol’ roomy asked if there were any short races this fall near the house. I did some searching and found the Fall Foliage Half-Marathon and 5k in nearby Rhinebeck, NY. Even better, it fell on Garlic Festival weekend!

Even though the race was upstate, there was packet pickup on the UWS during the week so I was able to pick up our bibs and swag on my way home from work one day. I left JackRabbit with 4 bibs in 4 bags and somehow within the next 24 hours ended up with 3 bibs in 4 bags. As any runner who is only used to large races would, I freaked out. I called every place I visited in Manhattan to try and locate the “lost” bib and had no luck. I ended up tweeting and emailing the race organizers in a panic and was assured that all would be fine.

Yea, I didn’t believe them.


Friday night, we drove upstate with two of our friends (my work wife and her husband). After some rental car snafus, we were on our way and out of the rainy and dreary city. Once we got upstate and my beautiful Boston roomy got in, it was quick to bed. #werenotincollegeanymore #justrathersleep

Saturday morning came all too quickly and I was very thankful for a later start time (5k began at 10:20am). We had a quick breakfast and got in the car to the start line at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.

Fall Foliage 5k

Swag: Shirt (women’s cut, soft cotton, great design), water bottle, deodarent, flashlights, protein powder samples

Start Line

I rarely (read: almost never) run small races so this start line was such a treat for me. Parking was easy, there were indoor restrooms, and there was literally zero issue with the fact that i lost my friends bib (sorry, Fall Foliage email and twitter responders for not believing you).



Note: there is no timing mat at the start so if you’re going for time, you want to be as close to the start line as possible (this isn’t difficult to do since it’s such a small race field).

Fall Foliage 5k - Start Line

Fall Foliage 5k – Start Line

The 5k course is an out-and-back and doesn’t get far enough to run along the Hudson like the half-marathon (an argument for running the half one of these years).

The course was pretty and time ticked by as I admired the adorable little houses we passed and chatted with Jenny and Justin (Kudz ran ahead and ended up coming in 3rd overall female like the badass that she is). There was water and Gatorade twice during the 5k and I heard the announcer at the start line say there is water/Gatorade every 2 miles along the half-marathon course.

I wasn’t looking to do a particular pace (as I write this, I actually have zero idea of what our finishing time even was) so I just trotted comfortably alongside Jenny and behind Justin (I guess he was too cool to run next to us).

Fall Foliage 5k - Finish Line

Fall Foliage 5k – Finish Line

As we soared trotted through the finish line, the announcer screamed something along the lines of, “here comes Jenny and Angela!” We high-fived because we’re awesome and basically famous now. #PleaseEmailAnyAutographRequests

After grabbing some finish line cookies (so good!), we got back in the car to go home and get ready for the Garlic Festival 🙂

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Last year was my first time experiencing the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival and I couldn’t wait to go back. The forecast was horrific for the entire week leading up to Saturday so I made sure to pack my poncho (and because I packed my poncho, the weather gods kept the rain away. Had I forgotten my poncho, there’d have been a hurricane).

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

We took advantage of the cloudy and perfectly fall temps and walked around the festival for almost 4 hours.

For lunch, I had a sampling of a few different things: garlic chowder, garlic knots, and garlic arancini. I also tried as many samples as possible and ended up purchasing the Tart Cherry Juice from Singer Farm (the best tart cherry juice I have ever tasted), three packages of garlic from Ireland Farms (two Asian Tempest packs and one Music pack), and a little chainsaw-carved black bear.

Me: Can you take a picture of me and my black bear? Justin: Go by the fire, it's more romantic.

Me: Can you take a picture of me and my black bear?
Justin: Go by the fire, it’s more romantic.

I named him Benny and he’s now in my living room dressed in a necklace my grandmother made and chillin’ with some pumpkins because #fall.



I  now randomly burst into song ala Elton John every time I walk by Benny, constantly reminding Justin how lucky he is to live with me.

So in summation: I will definitely be back next year for one of the Fall Foliage races, the Garlic Festival is always awesome, I have a black bear named Benny, and Justin gets a free concert every time I walk through our living room.


Next up: Epcot Food & Wine Festival and Halloween in the Magic Kingdom. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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We were on a break.

Soooo I’ve been completely quiet on the blog front the past couple of weeks (not so much on Twitter where I basically live tweet every episode of Bachelor in Paradise #sorrynotsorry).

Anywho, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was thinking of taking a break from blogging and that’s exactly what ended up happening.

For the last few weeks, I didn’t think once about what I was going to write about come Monday and I never added “blog post” to my list of to-do’s for the week… and it was wonderful.

on a break

I’m writing today not because it was on my list of things to do but rather because I genuinely want to write and communicate with all of you who continue to follow and check in.

Sooo what have I been doing the past couple weeks while the blog and I were on a break?

august 2015

  • I’ve gone to my upstate house… a lot.
  • Relaxed on my pizza floatie… a lot.
  • Drank a beer (or two) in the middle of the day. #its5oclocksomewhere
  • Worked on my SUP skills. I continue to get more and more comfortable and have been trying to move quicker and further down the water each time I go out.
  • I turned 29. Eek.
  • I received so many Disney/Olaf-related birthday gifts that I can’t help but laugh. 29 years old and there I am squealing over my new Olaf sweatshirt. #foreveryoung
  • Double-dated with my coworker and her husband at a German festival on Hunter Mountain. As much as I hate being cold, I do find myself looking forward to heading to Hunter Mountain for some snowtubing this winter. And hot cocoa. With booze, preferably.
  • Oh yea, I got a promotion. #doingbigthings
  • I went to a beer festival in Brooklyn and ran into one of my BCMB friends from college! Also, I found a new love: Coney Island’s Hard Root Beer. This stuff is dangerous because it tastes just like root beer but is something like 5.8% alcohol. Ruh roh, Angie.
  • Got monsooned on at the Prospect Park food truck rally.
  • Went hiking and explored some of the trails in the Esopus Bend Preserve. Upstate is so damn prettty, I just want to walk all of it.
  • Caught up on some more painting for the upstate house… and didn’t spill any! #improvement
  • Made plans for Philly Marathon weekend!
  • Celebrated my cousin’s 30th birthday.
  • Ran… ran so, so much.

With the Newport half just a few weeks away, my coach has been increasing the mileage and intensity of my workouts. While it’s not marathon training mileage, it’s mileage I haven’t done in months and my body has definitely been going through an adjustment period. So far, I’ve completed a 12M run, a 13M run, and have another 13M run on the agenda for this Friday before heading upstate again for the long weekend.

By Saturday morning mid-morning afternoon alright fine, mid-morning, I’ll be holding a beer and relaxing on my pizza floatie. #lifeisgood


Happy (almost) Labor Day Weekend everyone! Enjoy and be safe 🙂

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Active rest is the best… in summer.

First up, workouts from week 5 of Newport Half training:

week 5 newport half training

Summertime “resting”:

active rest

When incorporating rest into training, most people do some combination of “active” and “passive” rest (like the above photo in which I am relaxing on my pizza but also participating in the sport of water gunning).

active vs passive rest

(Remember when I wrote about the benefits of resting? No? Well, here you go.)

I realized this past weekend that my rest days this summer have almost always been active rest days while my rest days over the winter are almost always passive rest days. I hate being cold so my motivation to do much of anything besides binge watch Netflix is low in the winter months. I’m hoping that with the upstate house this winter, I’ll have more motivation to stay active since I’ll be in close proximity to ice skating, skiing, snowtubing, and all other sorts of fun winter activities. Who wants to learn how to ski or ice skate in my backyard? #completelyserious #justbuymepizza

I’ve always enjoyed rest days and I definitely think I’ve been rocking the active rest days this summer.

summer active rest activities

Is there any question why summer is my favorite season? Don’t you dare say anything along the lines of, “but if you’re cold you can always put layers on…” Especially if you’re a dude.


I’ve got a 5K this week so stay tuned for a post about how much I hate 5Ks

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Summer love… and hate.

First up, workouts from week 4 of Newport Half training:

week 4 newport half training


summer weekends


    • I have spent every weekend in… jeez I can’t even remember… at my upstate house. One weekend we had 18 people (slept 14) and 4 dogs over. Almost every waking hour is spent in a bathing suit, BBQs are had, fruity fun beers are drank, and my tan lines are out of this world. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot.
    • Part of the reason my weekends have been so damn awesome is that my office participates in summer Fridays. This means I work slightly longer hours Monday-Thursday and get every Friday off without having to take a vacation day. #baller
    • I knew I would like SUPing. Hell, that’s why I bought 2 SUPs before ever having been on one… but I seriously had no idea that I would love it as much as I do. I find it so peaceful and was surprised to learn that I find it more relaxing than kayaking. One of my house guests last weekend, unfortunately for him (very fortunately for those of us who got to watch and laugh), did not find SUPing all that easy and fell off no less than 8x. I had real tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. Luckily, the water was warm and refreshing 🙂


    • The downside of having the most amazing weekends is that the Sunday night blues hits even harder than ever before. I’ve taken a couple Mondays off this summer (got another one coming up in August!) so that definitely helps but damn, the blues are real, folks.
    • The downside to summer hours is that I get home later and therefore am starting my runs later than usual. As my weeknight runs begin to increase in distance, I’m getting home even later. This means that my schedule is all out of whack and I’m not eating dinner until 8:30 or later (usually the time I’m already having a post-dinner snack). As someone who goes to bed early (because I’m already up early so no, morning runs are not an option), I feel really rushed at the end of the night. My normal routine is the only reason I’m looking forward to my normal work hours again.
    • WTF mosquitos?! Leave me alone. I have maybe 5 bites on my ankles (yes, I sprayed myself with bug spray… it either didn’t work, I smell too damn sweet, or I waited too long to spritz myself) and they itch so damn bad that they have kept me awake every night this week. Sunday night around 2am I actually ran my feet under cold water and scrubbed with the loofah before applying more Caladryl lotion. What a pain.


Play along: what are you loving/hating this summer?

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