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Marathon and Wedding Skincare.

Week 5 of NYCM training is complete!

How am I already in week 6 of marathon training?! It is cuh-RAZ-y! This week is a nice little cutback week and I’ll be enjoying a leisurely 8 mile “long” run on Friday before heading upstate!

My Marathon and Wedding Skincare Routine

Sooooo let’s talk skincare. Keeping your skin clear during a NYC summer is hard enough – we’re dealing with humidity, air pollution, hot subway platforms, mysterious substances dripping from scaffolding, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Now, add on top of that hours of running outside each week and you’ve got yourself a disgusting recipe for disaster. I’ve learned this every year I’ve trained for the marathon and I STILL thought, “hey, let’s train for the NYCM and also get married! That’ll be fun!” #oyvey

As someone who has struggled with breakouts in the past (especially during marathon training), I knew I had to take the months leading up to the wedding seriously in terms of my skincare routine.

Skincare Treatments I Pay For

Laser Hair Removal

Over the winter, I began laser hair removal treatments along my jawline. I went off birth control over a year ago once acupuncture started to ease my period-related back pain. This was great because I no longer needed to control my pain through hormones and prescribed Vicodin but it was not so great for my skin, especially along my jawline where I started to get spots from thick dark hairs.

I wish I had considered this option sooner because it was a complete game changer for me. If anyone needs a recommendation for laser hair removal in NYC, let me know! I had a total of 10 treatments but started seeing results IMMEDIATELY 🙂

Monthly Facials

I don’t remember how I heard about Heyday but OMG if you live in NYC and you aren’t going to Heyday for facials, you are doing it WRONG!

Heyday and my skincare therapist have done, by far, the most for my skin, including any dermatologist I’ve seen. My skin has completely transformed and for the first time in years, I can leave the house without any concealer and/or makeup.

I have alternated the 75 minute facial and the 50 minute facial with added microdermabrasion to exfoliate and lighten hyperpigmented spots. I’m also a fan of the blue and red light treatment. After each appointment, my therapist e-mails with exactly what she did during the treatment, follow-up care, recommendations for the month ahead, and what she suggests for the next month’s treatment.

Usually in salons, they start pushing all their products on you immediately. Instead, my therapist suggested a routine consisting of products I already used and products in the store and gave me a bunch of samples to try out and see how I liked/reacted to them. I have spent the past few months slowly adding her suggestions into my everyday skincare routine and WOW what a difference it has made!

(TIP: If you go to Heyday and use my name, you and I both get 10$ off!)

My Everyday Skincare Routine

Ursa Major Facewash – Morning and Night

I LOVE this face wash – it foams really nicely, smells great, and leaves my skin feeling clean. It also helps to fade hyperpigmented spots which is a huge win in my book.

Vitamin C Serum – Morning

This might be my favorite item that I use everyday. I use it either under the below sunscreen/moisturizer or alone as a moisturizer and it is so refreshing.

Image Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Sunscreen on your face is THE WORST, am I right? Especially if you have oily skin or are acne prone. This stuff is matte and absorbs so quickly and omg it is the best facial sunscreen on the planet.

Ageless Retinol Cream – Night

A little goes a long way here. The tiniest bit of this before I go to bed at night delivers vitamin A to my entire face while I sleep.

Running Skincare

Clearasil Cleansing Pads – During Long Runs

I throw a few of these in a ziplock bag before I head out on my long run and use them to wipe my face off every few miles. A coworker/friend/marathoner told me to do this and I cannot believe this never occurred to me before. Absolutely brilliant.

BeautyCounter No 3 Balancing Face Mask – After Sweaty Runs/Spot Treatment

This mask is my most prized skincare possession. I use it after every post-run shower for 10-15 minutes and as a spot treatment at night. Pure magic in a tube right here.

Cosrx Master Patch – Spot Treatment

These little patches are legit! I use them overnight on clogged pores or picked spots and, I kid you not, the spot is gone in the morning. Unfreakingbelievable.

So there you have it! Not gonna lie, I’m super lazy so I was worried when my skincare therapist at Heyday kept suggesting different items but this routine is SO manageable. Like I said, this is the first time in YEARS that I’ve been comfortable leaving the house sans makeup or some sort of concealer over spots.

My skin is still a work in progress (and will most definitely continue to be as long as it’s still hot and humid and I’m still running around this crazy city) and I’m not 100% confident that I’m not going to wake up on the morning of September 23rd with a giant spot that was non-existent at 10pm on September 22nd but hey, that’s what makeup is for, right?


Next up: No idea… probably why cutback weeks are the absolute best things ever. 

Don’t forget! Use my name at Heyday and we both get $10 off our services 🙂

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I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age.

Whether you noticed or not, I haven’t updated this blog all summer. Actually, my last post was right after the Brooklyn Half at the end of May so I technically have not updated this blog since the spring… and there’s been many a reason (all wonderful ones like life is beautifully busy and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been) but really, none of that matters. I needed a blog break, I took it, and it was wonderful. But I’m back now.

Anywho, big things from the summer…

I turned 30!

Years ago, just the idea of 30 was terrifying. True story: I once started crying in the Orlando Airport and whined “I’m almost 30!” when asked why I was crying. I had just realized my license expired in 2015 (when I’d be 29) and that year didn’t feel far away. I was 24.

But something happened in the years following my ridiculous sobfest in the Orlando Airport – I started to *gasp* get excited to leave my 20s behind. After all, I saw friends turn 30 and none of them imploded. In fact, they seemed to enjoy life even more in their 30s. So I started to embrace the idea of turning 30, listened to “My Next 30 Years” on repeat, booked a birthdaycation to Nashville, and checked “plan something awesome for your 30th birthday” off my to-do list.

And then the weekend before my birthday happened…


Friday nights are hard because I typically do not want to go out. This Friday night was no different. Justin was able to get me out by picking a place for dinner just steps from our apartment. Location is key, people.

He wanted to sit outside so I walked through to the back…


To say I was shocked is an understatement. I think I wore this shocked expression for the first 30 minutes or so. I legit said things like, “how did you get here?” (because apparently in my mind NYC is some far off NeverNeverland that is difficult to get to?) and “who told you about this?” to the majority of my friends/family who came out for my lil’ 30th birthday shindig.


It all felt so surreal and even now, one month later, I have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that so many people showed up. #ICantEvenBelieveImLuckyAsMe (this works best if you sing it ala Phil Vassar)

Saturday – Sunday

Saturday morning, we got on the road to head to my upstate house for what was supposed to be a quiet weekend with Justin and my parents, and it was… until my college friends showed up.

I don’t have a reaction photo of when they walked into the house but it was something like this:


The weather wasn’t the greatest but we were able to get in some pool time, a walk to a nearby waterfall, a ride out on the pontoon, and so, so many laughs.


Justin’s family showed up for a Sunday lunchtime celebration and my weekend was complete.

I am the luckiest.

We went to Nashville!

I wanted to honkytonk my way into this next decade. And I did. And it was awesome. We will DEFINITELY be back.




Now that I’m back and writing again, I should probably let you know that next week I will be back in Disney World so expect Disney posts here and on Instagram (in real time). I’m not going to run any races, unless running around Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival so that Justin can eat, drink, and ride everything counts as running. Turns out, people go to Disney World and don’t run a marathon.


Hope anyone who still checks here (hi mom) had a wonderful summer 🙂 


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