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Proof that you can plan a wedding, train for a marathon, peak the weeks of your wedding and honeymoon, and then finish said marathon feeling fantastic.

If you’re just tuning in:

Actual NYC Marathon Workouts:

I stuck to the plan I laid out all those months ago pretty closely. I think the best thing I did for myself this training cycle was to not pay attention to pace for any of my runs. I threw a couple “speed” workouts in there but I did them because it felt like something fun to do that day. Even during those runs, I never looked at my watch.

Being able to let pace go and just think about this marathon as a fun run allowed all those long runs to not feel stressful. Instead of adding stress to my life like marathon training sometimes does, these runs relaxed me. It allowed me time to chat with a friend or listen to a podcast or just think about the wedding. If anything, marathon training kept me sane and more laid back all throughout the wedding planning process.

2017 NYCM “Training”

NYC Marathon Week

Marathon week is pretty much my favorite week to be in NYC. Everything is exciting – the subway ads, the obvious tourist runners, the crisp air that basically screams “marathon weather!”

The weather forecast for Sunday never looked particularly good. It was constantly changing between light rain in the morning to light rain in the evening or rain throughout the day or mist throughout the afternoon but it was always some combination of cloudy, rainy, and misty. I kept my fingers crossed that we’d have a dry race, mostly because I wanted needed fans along the course since I wasn’t planning on running this race particularly fast and I felt like rain would deter a lot of people from coming out to cheer.

NYC Marathon – Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday morning was perfect, no rain/mist, good temps in the 50s. I was very hopeful.

When we started out in Staten Island, I spoke to Alec next to me, “if it stays just like this, we’ll be fine.”


It started misting and light raining just a few miles in and continued throughout the entire marathon; however, my fear that this would deter crowds was completely off base because OMG the sidelines were unbelievable.

After the race, I did my best to describe the crowds on Instagram:

“NEW YORK CITY!!! Do you know what you did today?! You SHOWED UP with voices and signs and instruments and so much god damn spirit. You welcomed the world onto your streets. You lined 26.2 miles of pavement IN THE RAIN and you were larger and louder than any year I’ve run in perfect weather.

Tell me this isn’t the greatest city in the world and I’ll give you 2.5 million reasons why you’re wrong.”

My friends and family traveled throughout the city and I was able to see people I love in Brooklyn, on First Avenue, on Fifth Avenue, and at the finish line. Because we were taking it nice and easy and didn’t have any time goals, whenever we saw friends/family, we ran to the side and loaded up on hugs. At mile 8, our families were on different sides of the street and we split up. We completely lost each other after that and I ended up having to move over onto the side of the race, take out my phone and call Alec to figure out where she was. I waited for her right after the 8 mile marker and we continued on our way. Things are so much less stressful when you’re not worried about the time on the clock!

My body really started to ache in the later miles on Fifth Avenue (as expected) but I just kept feeding off the crowds. I thought about the rain, I thought about the terrorist attack on the Westside Highway earlier in the week, I thought about all the reasons New Yorkers could have stayed home that morning but instead stood outside to cheer on virtual strangers. I thought about the 50,000+ people running next to me and how any number of things could have prevented them from showing up on Staten Island that morning. And focusing on that – on how much I love this sport and how much I love this city –  kept me in good spirits to the finish (even when I asked Alec at Mile 24 if the stinky person I was smelling was me – it was not, btw).

We finished in 4:42:21 (and I had to look up that time just now because I genuinely had no clue beyond a general idea of what our finish time was until this moment).

After a warm shower and changing into sweats, I pulled on my finisher’s medal and we met up with Alec and her clan for dinner at Mel’s. It was a perfect night for the widowmaker 🙂

Thank you, NYC, for a fantastic party throughout my city. Congrats to all finishers!

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I’m exhausted but I’m still training and planning a wedding…

Weeks 6 & 7 of NYCM training:

That cutback week was NICE! But I’m back at it and this weekend I’ll be running 16 wonderful miles through the streets of New York 🙂

Training is Ramping Up But It’s Fine Because It’s Not Like I’m Getting Married in 2 Weeks

Oh dear lord. I am so exhausted. I don’t even have anything to write here because my brain isn’t functioning properly (and I have a course to launch NEXT WEEK so this isn’t a good time to be losing my mind).

Anywho, it’s been busy. Like, super busy.

Our weekends upstate have been full of manual labor either getting the house ready for wedding guests or getting things together for the actual wedding (hotel room welcome bags, escort cards, seating charts, etc.). By the time I get home from work, I am completely demolished. BUT, I’ll still have a long list of things to do so by the time I actually sit down, it’s 8pm and we’re having dinner and then I want to go immediately to bed.

Most of my communication with Justin this week has been via text during the workday because I’m so tired at the end of the day that I don’t want to speak all that much and then I get in bed by 9pm and pass out within minutes. I’m looking forward to the weekend so we can actually have a real conversation and ya know, hang out a bit, since we’re getting married in two weeks and that’s kind of important in a relationship.

Since I’ve got nothing of importance to say, here’s some scenes from our weekends getting ready for the wedding.

The manual labor:

The Relaxing: 

Not gonna lie, my parents and Justin mostly manual labored and I mostly relaxed and took pictures. I took charge of all the crafting since that type of labor is fun for me. #ItsGoodToBeTheBride


Next Up: Who knows. A random assortment of words that means it’s wedding week and I have to run 18 miles?

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Week 3 of NYCM training and training with your pup!

NYCM Week 3 Training

It was definitely a better week of training than week 2 but OH MY GOD can we talk about how horrible that 12 mile run was? Friday morning had crazy thunderstorms that were moving through the area quickly. I wanted to be running by 7/7:30 but decided to wait out the storms. Well, this resulted in not starting until after 8:30, making the run way too hot and humid to even remotely be considered comfortable on what was supposed to be a “level 5” run.

Looking back, I probably should have started my run on the treadmill and then hopped off once the storms passed. By mile 9, the only way I was making it home was via run/walk. I ran 8 minutes and walked 2 until hitting mile 12 a block or so from my apartment. Good grief.

Training with your Dog

Every time we bring Mr Big to the vet for his annual, we are told he’s the epitome of health. “He’s in such great shape!” “We can’t believe he’s 9!” “He has so much energy!”

Yes – he is, us either, he does.

In addition to Big eating good food and being spoiled with an insane amount of love, he exercises… a lot.

But he recovers well too, don’t worry.

He’s such a country dog 🙂

Anywho, speaking of doggy fitness, PuppySpot, a service committed to placing healthy puppies into loving homes, created the below guide for how to include your four-legged friend in your workout.

When Mr Big isn’t chasing squirrels, birds, or the gopher at our upstate house, he loves to run alongside me for a few miles.

A few years ago, I posted some tips for running with your dog based on my experience running with Big and they all still apply. I’ve learned one more thing now that Big is a little older so I’d add one tip to that list – be mindful of pace!

If I let Big control the pace, he’d begin every run all out. If I let him do that (and it’s a pace that is okay for me), I’ll be dragging him back to the house after the turn-around point. Now, I only bring him on my recovery runs, which are anywhere between 2 and 4 miles, and always at a relaxed pace. I have to keep him back the first few miles because he wants to go-go-go but if I didn’t, he wouldn’t have the oomph to finish up strong and feeling good.

The last time I took Big on a 4 mile run, he came home, drank some water, and then spent the next 30 minutes chasing squirrels around the yard so I know our pace was just right (he spent the rest of the day on the couch snoozing though lol).

Luckily for Mr Big, we’ve got lots of running to do in the next few weeks – week 4 of marathon training is underway!


Wishing you and your pup lots of exercising fun 🙂

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A NYC Bachelorette.

Week 2 of NYC Marathon training:

It wasn’t my best week. I had lots of things going on and certain things (ahem strength training and yoga) took a back seat. It’s okay and I’m back on it for week 3!

My Bachelorette Party!

Up until late last week, I knew absolutely nothing about my bachelorette party aside from the date (much like my bridal shower). It wasn’t until Thursday/Friday that I was told a time to be ready and what to bring besides myself. I’m going to be honest – I’m not the easiest person to plan something like this for; I’m not into clubs or bars all that much, I have a 17 year-old cousin who I wanted at everything, and I’m just generally awkward when it comes to typical bachelorette situations. BUT my two cousins are absolute champs and planned the perfect day/night for me and the ladies I love most.

Part 1: Nails and Champagne in Chelsea

Getting my nails done is one of my favorite indulgences so starting my bachelorette in a nail salon was absolutely perfect. We got pampered and drank a little champagne and I had zero complaints 🙂

Part 2: Drinks & Games at the Gansevoort Hotel

My cousins got to the room early and spent time decorating the space with all sorts of goodies. There was confetti (omg so much confetti, I’m still finding it in odd places…), banners, booze, penis straws, TEAM BRIDE sunglasses and buttons, shirts for everyone, and of course, an inappropriate game.

I’m way too awkward and just couldn’t handle the thought of a penis drawing on my blog…

Before heading out for dinner, we set up our own photo booth and snapped some shots. Most of us were already a few drinks in by this point and it completely felt like I was back in college, getting ready and pre-gaming with my favorite ladies.

Part 3: Dinner at Carmine’s

Carmine’s is one of my favorite restaurants so it was very fitting that this is the place my cousins chose for dinner. One of my best friends from college couldn’t make the bachelorette but she sent a gift card for us to use at Carmine’s (I made sure not to open it until dinner so I didn’t ruin the surprise!).

I got right on ordering the frozen cosmo (the BEST – but also super strong so I was a drunko in no time).

There were 8 of us and we had a few things to consider (someone who doesn’t eat meat, someone with celiac, someone with seafood allergies) so our menu consisted of:

  • Misto salad
  • Chicken parm
  • Prime rib special (GF)
  • GF giardiniera pasta
  • Linguini pomodoro
  • Eggplant parm

As always as usual, everything was unbelievably delicious. With all the drinks flowing, conversation got quite inappropriate (#sorrynotsorry, neighboring tables) and before we knew it, it was time to rush off to the next activity.

Part 4: Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man

We got to the theater with just enough time to get inside, get our drinks, and get situated in our seats. We had a bachelorette package which included front row seats in the “wet zone” (splash zone? IDK), a drink for everyone, a bottle of champagne and flutes for the group, and a promise that I would get on stage during the performance.

After the show, we were invited on stage for a photo (apparently this is also included in the package) and I just felt so lucky to have all these amazing ladies with me for the evening.

The show was absolutely hilarious, the perfect amount of raunchy, and for some of us, legitimately informative (lol). We had such a fun time and enjoyed every minute; but even if the show wasn’t as great as it was, it’d have been worth it for the last 2 minutes alone (oh dear lordy, it would have been worth it…).

Part 5: Night Cap

When we got back to the hotel, some of the group headed home and the rest of us, still on a “Stefan-high,” headed out for one more drink.  It was the latest I have stayed out up in what could honestly be years. #worthit

Part 6: Girl Talk & Sleep

Is there anything better than laying in bed with the lights off and talking and giggling with your best girls? This happens less and less as we get older and have lives and families outside of our friends but god damnit it is so incredible and we all need more of it.

Sunday Surprise

Surprisingly enough, come Sunday morning, Justin and I were in decent enough shape that we didn’t need to spend the entire day in fetal position on our couch (his bachelor party was also Saturday night). We weren’t at our best but we did have things to do and we ended up at our upstate house to surprise my parents with a completely unannounced visit!

They were super shocked and happy to see us and we ended up staying for a nice lunch and a little sun and relaxation before heading back to the city for dinner.

And then? Then we needed a weekend from our weekend…


Next week: week 3 of marathon training and how I’m attempting to balance it all.

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