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2017 Glass Slipper Challenge: Enchanted 10k.

Since the Enchanted 10k starts 30 minutes earlier than the 5k, it was an even earlier start to Saturday morning than Friday. I think it’s crazy how I’m able to get myself out of bed at this ungodly hour to run in Disney but can’t seem to get myself up almost 4 hours later when waking up for work in NYC. #DisneyMagic

Enchanted 10k

Anywho, Justin and I met up with my cousin Liz by 3:45 am to walk to the bus. We were meeting up with Jess and Nicole (who moved to Austin a few weeks ago and NYC misses so much!) in the corral and I was excited to get lots of running and chatting time with some of my favorite people.

The 10k was Justin’s first Disney race in which he stopped for photos (he’s only run the 5k with my dad who, if you’ve read here before, will not stop for photos lest it get in the way of his PRing) so I was excited to show him how much fun one can have when truly embracing the Disney race experience.

We kept the pace super easy when we were running and stopped for photos with most of the characters. I was most excited to see that Princess Minnie was out on the course! When we were waiting on Princess Minnie’s line, she went running inside and a castmember assured us that she was “just checking up on Mickey and will be right back” and let me tell you, girl can run. And in those heels? Very impressive.

Throughout the race, I was updating our photos onto my family’s photostream so all our crazies back at the hotel (and at the finish line) could see how much fun they were missing.

My cousin thought of the idea of having a photostream for everyone on the trip and it made sharing photos so easy and fun. We now have hundreds of photos of our time together all in one place and there was no “can you send me that picture?” or “I’ll put these all together in an album when we get home.” It was great and I’ll definitely be doing this for certain things in the future (I’m thinking honeymoon – my parents and brother want photos of us hiking through a volcano popping up on their phones while they sit at their desks, right?)

My aunt and uncle were waiting for us at the finish line and we quickly got on the bus back to the hotel to get ready for a day at Magic Kingdom ūüôā

Magic Kingdom

Saturday’s weather made it feel like it was two completely different days; the morning was cloudy and chilly and by noon, it was in the mid-80’s without a cloud in the sky (just how I like it).

We made sure to take lots of photos (all included with my pass!) and stopped for our first of the day in front of the castle. While standing for these photos, we saw a proposal (!!!) and also got super distracted by fireworks going off behind us..


Around lunchtime, our large group split up into two smaller groups – those who wanted something from Columbia Harbour House¬†and those who wanted turkey legs. I wasn’t all that hungry after a pretty big breakfast so I decided I wanted a slushy lemonade and would grab another snack before dinner. As I spoke with the castmember to order my frozen lemonade, she asked if I just got married (because of the bride ears). I explained that we¬†are getting married this September and that this was my only Disney trip before the wedding that I got to wear the ears. She got all giggly and adorable and gifted me with two chocolate chip cookies. I got all excited because hey – free cookies!

My intention was to eat one cookie and then save the other for Justin. I even wrapped the second cookie up and put it in my backpack..

Yea. That didn’t work.

I ended up going back in my bag and eating the second cookie roughly two minutes after putting it away so I wouldn’t eat it.

Sorry, Justin. Just know that it was delicious and it made me happy. That’s all that matters, right?

After dinner, we watched the fireworks from behind the castle (I’ve actually never done this before) and then I went back to the hotel to get some sleep while the others stayed behind to get some more rides in.

I was so exhausted, I didn’t hear a single person come back into the room and didn’t stir at all until the 3:21 am alarm the next morning.

Next up: Princess Half-Marathon and Epcot ūüôā

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Glass Slipper Challenge: Enchanted 10k

With 3.1 miles and a day at Hollywood Studios under my belt, it was time for the official start of the Glass Slipper Challenge with the Enchanted 10k!

Enchanted 10k

My cousin Liz was also running the 10k so we met up in the lobby at holy-hell-it’s-early o’clock to get on the bus to the start village. Once at the start village, we had lots of time to sit down, make a stop in the port-a-potties, and meet up with my friend Jess before getting into the corrals.

As much as I typically¬†hate¬†10ks, I absolutely¬†adore¬†the Disney 10Ks. It helps that I basically trot the entire time and aren’t pushing myself to a 10k pace, but it’s also because I truly adore Disney’s 10k course. I remember thinking during my first Dopey¬†that I had never enjoyed this distance more.

In theory, the 10k sounds great. It’s a solid mid-distance run and you’re finished in less than an hour. Sounds wonderful, right? Wrong. In reality, racing a 10k is horrific for me. But running the 10k in Disney? Purely magical.

enchanted 10k

We kept a light and conversational pace, enjoying the scenery and character stops in Epcot, on the Boardwalk (where I saw the wonderful Alec!), and through Yacht and Beach Club.

enchanted 10k finish

9.3 weekend miles were down!

Magic Kingdom

With the early start time and a “short” race, we were up and at it pretty quickly, getting to Magic Kingdom before 10 am. Is there anything more¬†magical than turning onto Main Street and seeing the castle up ahead? You can say yes, but you’d be wrong.

magic kingdom

I was pumped for a long and busy day in one of my favorite places on the planet.

magic kingdom 2

We enjoyed the following rides/attractions during our 12+ hours in the park:

  • It’s a Small World
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train¬†(One of my favorites)
  • Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad¬†(So much yes)
  • Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade
  • Splash Mountain (John’s face. #icanteven)
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Carousel of Progress
  • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor¬†(This will never get old. Also, now I want to have a Monsters movie marathon.)
  • Haunted Mansion¬†(Classic and THE BEST. End of conversation.)
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Festival of Fantasy Parade
  • Main Street Electrical Parade¬†(The older I get, the more I love these parades.)
  • Celebrate the Magic¬†(WHAAAAT?! Disney, THIS WAS AMAZINGLY MAGICAL. If you can watch this, do it. Do it now.)
  • Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Don’t worry, we also stopped for Dole Whip… twice ūüôā

magic kingdom 3

With the half-marathon the next day, my cousin Mikey left a little after 8 pm to get a solid night’s sleep. Me? Well I’m not as smart and I opted to stay until after the park closed. So yea, I got a little more than 3 hours of sleep and then ran a half-marathon. And then took no nap and went straight to Epcot to drink in the sunshine. #wasnteventired #disneymagic


Next up: the Princess Half Marathon!

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2016 Dopey Challenge: the first 9.3 miles.

It’s been just a few days now since I completed my second Dopey Challenge and damn, the post-Dopey blues are in full swing yet again. I thought it’d make things easier knowing that I’ll be back in Disney in February for Princess Weekend but nope, no such luck.

If you’re just tuning in, this is the Dopey Challenge:

dopey challenge

If it looks crazy, it’s because it is. I’m crazy enough to have done it twice. I’m also crazy enough that I’m considering doing it again.

But anywho, I figure there’s no¬†better way to fight the post-Dopey blues than to start recapping these amazingly magical miles…

Disney World Day 1:

Nicole and I arrived in Orlando early on Wednesday and headed straight to the expo after a quick pit stop at the hotel to drop off our bags. We stayed in the Port Orleans Riverside Resort and it was wonderful, just like last year.

After picking up our bibs and another 6 Disney shirts to add to my growing Disney wardrobe, we went straight for Hollywood Studios for some pre-Dopey fun.

expo and hollywood studios

Dopey Challenge Day 1: The 5k

Thursday morning began with a 3:55 am alarm (woohoo for a later 5k start time!) and our 48.6 mile adventure was officially underway.

While the weather was significantly warmer than last year’s 5k, I’m glad that I had throwaway gear for all 4 of the races. TIP: Never throw away old long sleeve t-shirts (I keep all long sleeve race t-shirts even if I know I’ll never wear them) or post-race foils. I put these to the side and use them as throwaway gear for races with a long wait before the start. For the 5k, I used my finisher’s foil from the Philadelphia Marathon.

We waited on line to take a picture with Dopey and then walked to corral A, anxious to get this show on the road (quite literally).

Ariel and Sebastian kept the pace super easy and stopped for a few pictures along the Epcot route. Just like last year, I got chills when running around the World Showcase. Between the lights, the inspirational music, and the Disney magic, it truly is incredible.

dopey challenge 5k

With 3.1 miles behind us, we were 6% done with miles and 25% done with mornings!


After showering, enjoying some breakfast, and a little down time, we spent the rest of the day in the beautiful Epcot sunshine.

Rough life.

Dopey Challenge Day 2: The 10k

After the 5k, all the races begin at 5:30 am so waking up at 3:55 is no longer an option. For the remainder of the Dopey Challenge, our alarms went off at 3:15 every morning and we were out the door before 3:40 to get on a bus to the start village.

Before leaving the hotel room, we checked the weather one last time (because Florida weather apparently changes drastically every 15 minutes or so) and saw that rain was in the forecast. We grabbed our ponchos in addition to our throwaway gear and got out the door.

Luckily, we were able to wait inside a tent up until it was time to head to the corrals so we were kept warm and dry for as long as possible. While there was a light rain throughout the majority of the 10k, it was rather warm so the rain didn’t really bother us. In fact, by mile 1 we had both dropped our throwaway gear and ponchos. Tinkerbell and Olaf don’t melt. Wait. Errr. Hmm.

dopey challenge 10k

Just as in the 5k, we kept the pace super easy and stopped for a few photos ops along the course.

We celebrated being 19% done with miles and 50% done with mornings in the Magic Kingdom. It worked out perfectly and the rain stopped and the sun came out just as we got off the bus at Magic Kingdom. Oh hey there, sunny skies!

magic kingdom

Just like last year, there was no “staying off my feet” the days leading up to the marathon. #wheninDisney #zeroregrets

By keeping our pace extremely easy during the first 9.3 miles, we ensured that we were able to both enjoy the parks and complete the next 39.3 miles with a smile, which was really the only goal in the first place ūüôā


Next up: getting to the 22.4 mile mark with the WDW Half-Marathon!


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Mini 10k and Montauk Beaching.

It’s been a week+ since I ran the NYRR Oakley Mini 10k and about a week since I’ve returned from my vacation to Montauk¬†so I think it’s finally time to share the fun (and not-so-fun) of last week…

2015 NYRR Oakley Mini 10k

mini 10k

  • This race was the not-so-fun.
  • Originally, it was supposed to be hot, humid, and rainy for this race. As the day approached, the rain was stricken from the weather forecast but the hot and humid remained. In fact, the heat and humidity increased. WONDERFUL. ¬†When I woke up at the crack of dawn, it was already 76 degrees. YAY.
  • I love this race. I always have. Last year, I ran it with my cousin as her first 10k. I thought about her a lot during these miles and how adorable she was when she started sprinting up the back end of Harlem Hill, interpreting¬†my advice to “maintain effort” as “maintain speed.” I love people sometimes. Well, I love her all the time, but this little moment made me love her more.
  • I met up with Jess at the start to give her her race bib and take our usual pre-race photo. As I had no time goals for this race, we figured we’d start together and then just do our own thing¬†and catch up after the race.
  • The start line was absurdly crowded, more so than usual.
  • I felt pretty miserable the entire time. The heat was getting to me and my legs/arms/everything felt like lead.
  • By mile 4, I had had enough of being so miserable. What was I doing? I do this race for fun. I do this race because it is historic and when a historic race like this starts just minutes from your apartment, you fcking show up and celebrate four decades of women’s running. So yea, I decided to stop being miserable, slow down, and did a run/walk for the remaining 2 miles.
  • I finished in 1:01:30 (9:55 pace) which isn’t so bad when you figure I essentially walked and trotted through the last 2 miles.



  • After the not-so-fun race, I was stoked to have a fun 3-day mini vacation ahead of me.
  • Montauk has been a family vacation spot for as long as I can remember. We’ve been going to Montauk since I was a child and would always stay in a house my aunt and uncle own. Even before they bought the house, we would go and stay in a hotel on the beach but I was actually¬†so young¬†that I only vaguely remember it.¬†Last¬†year, my 4 days in Montauk was also my¬†second¬†week of marathon training and inspired this post about tips for working out on vacation.
  • This year, fitting in workouts was easy as I was¬†with another runner. We did one 45-minute relaxed run and one 4M+ workout with 10×1-minute pick-ups. We also did a 3M walk to Gosman’s Dock one evening.
  • Since I didn’t go to Montauk with family this year, we stayed in a hotel right in town, Sol√© East Beach. It was a great location for walking in town and getting to the water. They were also very accommodating in letting us stay in our room after the checkout time so that we could get the most of the day at the beach and still shower before heading home on an early evening Jitney.
  • As I don’t have a huge summer vacation planned like last year’s California trip (but I do¬†have¬†3 and 4-day weekends planned all summer… none of which I plan to be in Manhattan for), I was happy to take a few extra days off of work and just relax on the beach with someone I adore.
  • Montauk will always evoke a feeling of nostalgia in me and it’s hard to feel anything but carefree and happy while breathing in that ocean air. It was really difficult to get back on the bus to NYC on Wednesday and the only thing that really eased my mind was that I would have less than 48 hours in the city before leaving again for the weekend. After all these years, I finally got the memo that summer weekends in NYC are not really for NYers.

Phew, we’re all caught up now.

Next week starts my official training for my goal race in September and then the marathons in November and January.

I’m definitely excited to put in some work and get these legs moving swiftly again! Stay tuned ūüôā

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