I’m getting married this week.

But first, weeks 8 and 9 of NYCM training:

With those 18 miles yesterday, it is OFFICIALLY wedding week! Mentally, I needed those 18 miles behind me before I could really let myself get excited. People were texting me all day Saturday that they can’t believe the wedding is only one week away and how excited they were and all I could think about was OMG I HAVE TO RUN 18 MILES TOMORROW.

But it’s done… and now I can relax overwhelm myself with other things.

Wedding Week!

This week is rough because there’s so much to do but also not so much to do. In terms of the wedding, we’re done. There’s no more “planning” or even organizing that has to happen. On Thursday, I’ll stop by the florist for a final payment and walkthrough but that is literally our last pre-wedding related task. Everything else is being handled by our week-of planner and our vendors.

So then what am I overwhelmed by? The amount of things that I need to squeeze in the next 2.5 days before we head upstate: workouts, acupuncture, threading, waxing, a facial, a potential stop at the dermatologist if an injection is necessary, a manicure, packing, cleaning, trying to not make my fiance crazy, oh and a full-time job.

I’m doing my best to not get stressed by all that has to happen in the next few days but at the same time, it’s hard to look at the list of things that require time and movement throughout the city and not have my blood pressure raise just a little.

Once we hop in the car on Wednesday and head upstate, I know I can relax. Once we’re in that car, it is officially wedding weekend and there is nothing else for me to do but enjoy the time with Justin and our loved ones.

I won’t be updating here until after we get back from Hawaii (later in October) so if you want wedding and honeymoon updates, Instagram is your best bet. (And yes, I will be marathon training in Hawaii… because I obviously don’t understand the concept of going on vacation and not running…).

Thanks for tuning in these past few months for all the wedding-related adventures 🙂 

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