Just What the Doctor Ordered: Lasik Recovery in the Hamptons.

Over the past few months, Justin has been toying with the idea of having Lasik surgery. After so many years of wearing glasses and being frustrated by contacts, he’d had enough (wanting to swim with the sea turtles in Hawaii sans contact lenses was also a contributing decision factor lol). A few weeks ago, we got him in touch with the doctor who performed my and my brother’s Lasik surgery about 8 years ago and it was a go! His surgery was scheduled for last Wednesday out on Long Island. Bye bye glasses!

We went out to LI on Tuesday night to make Wednesday morning as easy peasy as possible. As it was Global Running Day (and I just like to drive him crazy), we got outside super early for an easy 4 miles.  After quick showers and a quick breakfast, we were on our way to the surgery center! Thanks, mama B for the drive 🙂

Lasik surgery goes so quickly and within 20 minutes, a nurse was calling me back to meet with Justin and the surgeon to talk aftercare. Within 40 minutes of arriving at the surgery center, we were on our way home so Justin could lay down and hopefully sleep for the next four hours. That first day is really the worst and once you get through that and the first post-op appointment, it’s pretty smooth sailing.

It was really nice to have some mandatory resting on our calendar. By Friday morning, equipped with dark sunglasses and many bottles of eye drops, we were ready for the best part of Justin’s recovery plan – a weekend in the Hamptons!

East Quogue/Hampton Bays

When we first got engaged, my amazing aunt graciously offered us her Hamptons house over the summer so we could have a relaxing mini-trip during the craziness of wedding planning. We asked a few of our closest friends if they wanted to join us and, to no one’s surprise, they all said yes 🙂

It was a super easy weekend with lots of barbecuing and sitting by the pool. There was some evening exploring out in Hampton Bays and Southampton but we mostly stuck to the house and enjoyed each other’s company.

Alec and I started Saturday and Sunday mornings with a short run and Justin was glad that I had someone else to run with because I usually ask force him to join me. He gets a free pass for this weekend because of the surgery but he better be ready for some Hawaii running in three months!

Weather-wise, this was the best weekend we’ve had all “summer” and it has me crossing my fingers for all the fun weekends we have planned in the next few weeks. Bring me ALL the sunshine!


Today is a special day – it’s the anniversary of me and Justin’s first date! Also, the REAL countdown starts now – 100 DAYS!

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