You may be peaking for a marathon if…

First up, workouts from week 12 of NYCM training:

week 12 nycm

Peak weeks of marathon training:

With only two weeks to go until it is officially TAPER TIME for the NYCM, I’ve now entered my peak weeks of training. So basically, my mileage will be at it’s highest and my workouts at their strongest.  Lots of quantity and quality mileage these next 14 days.

Since I want to do my best to not freak out about all the mileage coming up this week (OMG THE MILEAGE!), I figured I’d keep it nice and light here with some signs you may be peaking for a marathon.

Signs you may be peaking for a marathon…

You can’t remember the last time you weren’t hungry.


You’ve never slept so good. Life is basically run, eat, pass out.

eyes open or closed doesnt matter

Sore is your new normal.

oh it's totally rad

You’re kind of over the whole “training for a marathon” thing.

i just want my life back

The thought of actually running 26.2 miles at marathon goal pace is petrifying.

yep completely petrifying

You can’t wait to taper but at the same time you know the taper will drive you crazy.

taper crazies


Anyone peaking for a marathon right now? 

Any tips for actually believing that I can run at marathon goal pace? 


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3 Responses to You may be peaking for a marathon if…

  1. bahahaha! love the last Ross gif! Can we go to the Central Perk pop up?!

  2. For a tip, focus this time and energy before the marathon on visioning the goal. Visualization is a crucial step for completing any goal. Constantly visualizing a powerful vision of your own self through these days will help you become more decisive, calm and resilient.

    Let yourself see yourself running at goal pace, so your body and mind can learn to be more confident and accomplish it. Don’t underestimate your own power. When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.