marathon nightmares.

Last week, I wrote about the “taper crazies” and made up a short list of signs you might be tapering for a marathon.

youve got the crazies

I also wrote about one of my (many) marathon nightmares.  I’ve since received a few inquiries about whether or not I’m still getting marathon nightmares and if they have gotten any more intense.  Well, the answer is yes (to both questions).

So here ya go, folks.  In order of increasing terror, my marathon nightmares:

First nightmare: I get to Chicago and realize that I’ve only packed my adidas sandals.


Second nightmare: I run the Chicago Marathon but afterwards find out that the Chicago Marathon has voided all times for runners who did not finish with a pace of 9:36.


Third nightmare: My plane gets in so late (like 2 full days late) that I have to run from the airport to the start line because all the streets in Chicago are closed.

get out the way biatch

Fourth nightmare: On my way to the airport, I get off the subway at the wrong stop and step off onto some random campus where I am stabbed in my armpit with a pen.


That last one is pretty morbid.  I wasn’t lying when I said that each dream gets increasingly frightening.

Here’s to nightmare-free nights for the next 5 sleeps!


Anyone else experience some crazy pre-marathon nightmares?


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