signs you’re training for a marathon…

First up – week 14 of Chicago Marathon training:


Signs you’re training for a marathon:

Well, these are signs I’m training for a marathon… but I’m sure others can relate!

1. You’re always hungry.

I honestly cannot stop eating.  Last week, 3 nights in a row I woke up at 3am STARVING.  I was so hungry that going back to bed was not an option and neither was just having a tiny snack.

waking up hungry

Two nights I polished off multiple servings of pretzels dipped in peanut butter… and one night I scrambled two eggs with cheese and put them on a ciabatta roll.  Yes… at 3am.  And yes, I still ate breakfast the next morning.

2. You finish an entire jar of peanut butter in less than 5 days.

Yup. This happened.  I bought an entire jar of peanut butter on Sunday and by Thursday evening it was completely done.

me neither joey

I’m now working my way through a jar of cashew butter.  I’m going to applaud myself if I make it to the end of the week.

3. You hoard protein bars.

luna and kind bars

LUNA protein & KIND bar stash in my refrigerator.

I’m slightly embarrassed by how often I restock these two shelves.

4. You also hoard NUUN, GU Chomps, and Sport Beans.

this is actually the emptiest this container has been in weeks.  no worries, i'm restocking on saturday.

this is actually the emptiest this container has been in weeks. no worries, i’m restocking on saturday.

5. Your laundry smells like a lockerroom.

It really is not a pleasant aroma.  My laundry genie has already voiced a complaint.

6. You have multiple pairs of sneakers and they’re all out as there’s no use putting them away.

oh hello, multiple pairs of brooks.

oh hello, multiple pairs of brooks.

And you KNOW I keep track of exactly how many miles I have on each pair.

I just bought the pair that I plan to wear for the Chicago Marathon (they’re in that pile up there).  I wore them yesterday on my 6 mile run and felt like I was running on a cloud.  Heavenly.

7. You have an abundance of torture devices disguised as recovery tools.

foam roller, the stick, stretchout strap, red theraband.

foam roller, the stick, stretchout strap, red theraband.

I have a love/hate relationship with these bad boys.

8. You’re tired… all the time.

Oh you were so tired  that you got in bed at 9pm? I got in bed at 7:30.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Yes, there have been instances in which the sun was still out.

block out the sun

Also, there have been multiple occasions now in which I look up at the clock, realize it’s 8pm or later, and slightly freak out that I haven’t gotten into bed yet. Yea, you read that correctly too.  I freak out if I’m not in bed by 8pm.

9. You have your pre-long run routine down to a science.

cant change up the routine

Nothing changes in my pre-long run routine from week to week.  I barely even need to think about my night before routine and morning of routine.  It’s become second nature at this point.

10. You’re excited yet totally freaking out about how close you are to race day.

chi marathon countdown

Seriously, how did race day get so close?  I can’t tell if I want to fast forward to race day or if I want to slow down time because OH MY GOD I HAVE TO RUN A MARATHON IN 25 DAYS!


Thanks for reading, lovelies!  Hope you could relate and I’m not the only crazy out there!

Can you add to the list?  How can you tell when you’re training for a big race?


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6 Responses to signs you’re training for a marathon…

  1. Kim

    I just finished my fall marathon last week and can relate to every one of these – thanks for the laugh. Best of luck in Chicago!

  2. As you know my training has just begun. I love posts like this! Keeps my spirits up. You got Chicago!!!!!

  3. Sue

    I’m with you…I go through peanut butter like it’s going out of style! I wish I could say the same for going to bed early, but I can’t seem to wind down that early. My body says yes, but my mind says no. Good luck in Chicago!

  4. Agree on all points! Except I haven’t updated my blog in forever. Need to do that ASAP!

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