www 3.25-3.31 + tips for running with a dog.

First up, my workouts from last week:


Next up, i hope those of you who celebrated this weekend had a fabulous time full of people and food you love.


and nowww… i wanna say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing dog, mr big!

mr biggles

He’s 5 years old (in human years), which basically makes him older than me in doggy years… but he’s still the baby in the family.


In honor of mr big’s birthday, I wanna talk about some tips for running with your own dog.  I don’t take big with me all the time but i do try and take him for a few runs each season to get him some extra exercise, make him happy, and of course, tire him out (he has a LOT of energy!).

Tips for running with your dog

  • Be sure your dog is healthy and physically ready to exercise with you.  A vet is definitely the best person to tell you if your dog is healthy enough to run.  Also, some breeds are better runners than others.  Mr Big is a mix of a bunch of breeds, most of which are really good distance runners (i.e. rhodesian ridgeback, vizsla, etc.)  Take your dog’s breed into account when deciding the pace and distance of your run.

high five doggy style

  • To piggyback on the above tip, build up distance with your dog the same way you build up your own distance over time.  The first time i took Mr Big out, we ran about 1.5 miles together.  We slowly worked our way up and now I’ve taken him on runs up to 5 miles.
  • Keep your dog on a leash.  It’s the safest way to run with your dog.  Things can happen unexpectedly, whether it’s another dog that becomes a distraction, a car, or in Mr Big’s case, a bunny.  For the most part, Big will run right next to me, but if he sees a bunny, he’s likely to a-line it straight for the lil guy, anxious to be his friend.  Also, Mr Big is a big sniffer and without the leash, he might stop at every tree to sniff who knows what.  It’s safer for your dog and better for you and your run to keep the pup on a leash.

i just wanna runnn

  • Stick to a familiar route. I think this one has really worked in my favor in terms of getting myself the best run while towing Mr Big along.  He knows where he is and is familiar with the scents, making him less prone to stopping to sniff. It also helps to know what I’m likely to encounter on the run in terms of other dogs and/or wildlife (depending on where you live and run), cars, children, etc.
  • Keep an eye on your dog for signs s/he needs a rest or a drink. Obviously, a dog isn’t going to be able to tell you when they’re tired.  Also, as they don’t sweat the way humans do, they can be prone to overheating.  If your dog starts to pant heavily or begins to foam at the mouth, be sure to give your dog a break.  In the hotter months, consider running lower mileage, bringing water for your dog on the run, or running in a location with dog friendly water fountains.

hotter than a cheeser

do you run with your dog?  any other tips for dog-yielding runners?

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