A very Billy Joel Christmas.

First up, workouts from last week:


And now it is time to lower the mileage before conquering 48.6 miles in less than 3 weeks! I don’t know if I’m excited or petrified…

Holiday Bucket List update:

december dress challenge

holiday dresses

Dresses from week 1 and week 2.

A very Billy Joel Christmas:

Each year for my parents’ anniversary, we go to a show or do something as a family to celebrate the number of years those two crazy kids have liked each other.  Sooo when I saw that Billy Joel was having a December concert at MSG, I jumped right on that!

My parents have seen Billy Joel live before but my brother and I had not. We had reservations at Feile, an Irish restaurant/bar right by MSG. I loved how this place had the TVs playing past Billy Joel concerts during dinner! It really helped in raising my excitement (not that I needed any help there).

Once at MSG, I obviously needed this bag:

For this uptown girl :-)

For this uptown girl :-)

We had great seats on the side near the stage. When I first bought the tickets, I thought our seats were awful and that we were basically going to be behind the stage. Much to my surprise, our seats were fantastic and we were close enough that I actually watched Billy Joel as opposed to looking at the jumbotron.

First Billy Joel concert!

First Billy Joel concert!

I’m so glad that we went to his concert during the holidays as Billy Joel mixed Christmas songs in throughout his entire set.

Here is the song list from the evening:

Billy Joel @ MSG 12.18.14

  • Miami 2017 (PERFECT song to open with!)
  • Pressure
  • The Entertainer
  • Vienna
  • The Stranger
  • O Come All Ye Faithful (musical, the crowd sang the lyrics)
  • Zanzibar
  • Charlie Brown Christmas song
  • Movin’ Out
  • Where’s the Orchestra?
  • Allentown
  • She’s Right on Time
  • New York State of Mind
  • My Life/Jingle Bells
  • Sometimes a Fantasy
  • She’s Always a Woman
  • Highway to Hell (sung by ACDC’s Chainsaw)
  • Don’t Ask Me Why
  • River of Dreams/Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
  • Piano Man
  • Encores:
    • Uptown Girl
    • Still Rock and Roll to Me
    • You May be Right
    • Only the Good Die Young

We had such an amazing time and the whole night made me all sorts of warm and tingly. I love you, New York.


What’s your favorite Billy Joel song?

Best concert you saw in 2014?

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More holiday bucket list fun!

This past weekend, after my 16.5 mile jaunt through Central Park, I quickly showered, stretched, and put on my comfiest gear suitable for public wear and headed down to Brooklyn.

Nicole took almost no time after seeing my Holiday Bucket List to propose a holiday movie marathon with some fun hot chocolate. IN!

christmas movie night +  hot cocoa

Nicole’s apartment was decorated in all sorts of holiday loveliness and we quickly got to hot chocolate making and popcorn popping. And by “we,” I obviously mean Nicole since she’s the hostess with the mostest and didn’t let Jordan or me help.

movie marathon and fancy hot cocoa

Movies included:

  • The Holiday (obviously)
  • A Christmas Story (because Will doesn’t do chick movies and we wanted him to come out of hiding and eat Chinese food with us)

Fancy hot chocolate:

  • Vegan Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
    • Nicole outdid herself here. This was some seriously delicious hot chocolate and she made homemade whipped cream to boot. I may ask her to marry me.

december dress challenge

Last week was Week 2 of my December challenge to wear a different dress or skirt to work every day! Week 1 outfits here.

I was out two days last week so I only have three days of outfits but here they are:

holiday dresses week 2

Taking a picture of my outfit every morning is definitely helping me to be more aware of what I’m putting on each day.  I normally do not keep track and would have no idea if I wore the same outfit two weeks in a row. Also, yesterday I went to go take my morning picture and realized that I was wearing one black boot and one brown boot. If not for this challenge, that’s exactly how I would have went to work. Oh dear.


What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Where did you get the BEST hot chocolate you’ve ever had? … and if it’s in NYC, tell my where immediately.


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The REAL long run: the distance that changes everything…

First up, workouts from last week:


The REAL long run: the distance that changes everything…

This past weekend, I pinned on a racing bib for the 14th time in 2014, hitting my 2014 goal of running 14 races this year!  As I’m “training” for the Dopey Challenge coming up in just a few weeks, the Ted Corbitt 15k was the perfect opportunity to both hit my 14th race of the year and break up my long run for the week. (Remember last years’ Ted Corbitt where it was snowing and freezing the whole time? Fun.)

I needed to get in a long run of about 16 miles so I decided to run some miles before and after the race:

  • 3.7 miles pre-race
  • 9.3M race (Ted Corbitt 15k) – With a few miles with Jess and Jess, two of my favorite running ladies!
  • 3.5 miles post-race

My intention was to only run 3 miles after the race but because of the route I took through Central Park, I ended up landing on my doorstep at exactly the 16.5M mark.

ted corbitt 15k

So here’s the thing about a 16 mile run… it is the distance where long distance running completely slaps you in the face. If you look up any marathon training articles, it’s pretty much agreed upon that the 16 mile mark is considered the smallest “long run.” And while I sometimes don’t agree because isn’t your longest run of the week considered your  long run? Who came up with 16 miles and said that this is where we can start considering this long distance? WHO?!?!

But then I make the leap to the 16 mile distance… and I get it.

Mentally, the leap from 12 to 14 miles is easier to grasp than the leap from a 14 mile run to a 16 mile run. 16 just feels so much longer. And really, it is. In more ways than just the 2 extra miles.

In my 5 marathon training seasons, the 16 mile run is always my hurdle. Anything less feels “short” and anything more feels exactly the same. 18 miles? 20 miles? 22 miles? Mentally (and for the most part, physically) – they all feel the same.

So what is it really? I don’t know… it’s probably a bunch of things. It’s the first distance where I truly concern myself with making sure that I have fuel with me. It’s the first distance where I may actually experience glycogen loss. It’s the first distance that may have me walking down steps funny, have me doing yoga in my friend’s living room (Hey Nicole!), and have me reaching for the Aleve just to get to sleep. The DOMS is real, my friends.

But there it is. I ran 16.5 miles on Saturday. I’ll run 18 next weekend and then enter the ever so lovely Taper Town before Dopeying it up in the happiest place on earth.  Let’s do it.


What distance is your long run “hurdle?”


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It’s officially Christmas in NYC.

First up, workouts from last week:


Christmas in NYC:

In just one week, I’ve managed to tackle a few items on my Holiday Bucket List and plan to continue tackling these fun activities and even repeat a few of them before the new year :-)

you know THE tree

This was first tackled with Jess’ Holiday Lights run on Friday night.  Six of us met up (in the rain!) in Washington Square Park to cover 6.5 miles (I added .5 miles on my way home) through Manhattan to catch all of the wonderful festive areas in the city.

From Washington Square Park we headed to Madison Square Park, over to the West Side Highway, then across to Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle, Rockefeller Plaza, and finally, Bryant Park.

It was so much fun running through the city and seeing the light displays with a great group of runners. Throughout the run, we were cheered on by tourists and New Yorkers also braving the rain to see the sights and it added to the magical feeling in the air. Thanks Jess for organizing!

festive lights run

I got to visit “the tree” on Sunday as well when Seth and I headed over to see it one last time before that area becomes an absolute nightmare of crowds.

rockefeller plaza

We also looked at the Saks Fifth Avenue window displays (it’s a Disney theme this year!) and walked through the store because OMG CHRISTMAS MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL.

celebrate with coworkers

Thursday night we had our office holiday party and it was all sorts of awesome.  I have no photos because sometimes you’re having so much fun that you don’t want to stop even for a second to take out your phone. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I dooooo, however, have a photo from Saturday where I celebrated festively with my coworker, Jenny, at the Jingle Bell Jog in Prospect Park.

jingle bell jog

Confession: I signed up for this race when I found out that instead of a shirt, they were giving out those awesome striped socks.

christmas movie night

I’ve now had TWO holiday movie nights (and already have a Christmas movie marathon planned for next weekend with Nicole).

Movie night #1 (just me, a blanket, and my couch):

  • Saving Christmas
  • Fred Claus

Movie night #2 (me + Sethy):

  • Love Actually
  • Christmas Kiss
  • 12 Dates of Christmas

We totally pulled out the awesomely awful ABC Family Christmas movies this weekend. Don’t judge.

december dress challenge

5 out of 20 work days down!

Here are the first week of outfits:

holiday bucket list week 1


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


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