tips for working out on vacation: week 2 of marathon training from the beach.

Week 2 of NYCM training: nycm week 2

Working out on vacation:

With NYC Marathon training underway, I knew I’d have to keep up my training during my beachy Montauk vacation.  Sunday evening, while relaxing out on the deck with an amazing view of the ocean, I looked at what Jess, my coach, had scheduled for the next few days.

  • Monday - Rest!
    • I yelped for joy when I saw I had a full rest day on my schedule. Monday included an early morning walk followed by lots and lots of sunny goodness.

Montauk Beach, Long Island

  • Tuesday  - 15 minute warm-up, 30 minutes at tempo, 15 minute cool down
    • Seeing as I needed approximately 6 miles worth of road that wouldn’t get me lost, we went down to Montauk Highway. I ran 30 minutes towards the lighthouse and then turned around.  This essentially ended up with the first 30 minutes being straight up the most absurd hills I’ve ever run in my life. I earned every ounce of my midday margarita… or was it a John Daly on Tuesday? Hmm.
Tuesday's Sunset - Gosman's Dock, Montauk, NY

Tuesday’s Sunset – Gosman’s Dock, Montauk, NY

  • Wednesday – 4 easy miles plus a strength workout
    • HA! Apparently, an easy run cannot be had in Montauk. I ran 2 miles down to Gosman’s Dock and I swear it was uphill the entire time… and then when I turned around, I swear I ran uphill the whole way back.  I don’t know how that’s even possible but my lovely walking companions agreed with me so I know  I’m not loony toons… even though that may also be true.
Gosman's Dock, Montauk, NY

Gosman’s Dock, Montauk, NY

Luckily, I remembered my tips for running hills and kept repeating to myself that all this hard work is going to pay off come November. It definitely wasn’t easy to get myself mentally psyched to complete any of these workouts.  Add on top of that the fact that every workout was exponentially more challenging because of the hills and you had one unhappy camper beach-goer. But I got every workout done… and damn if I didn’t feel fantastic afterward.

If you’re heading on vacation, here are some tips to help you stay active while away:

tips for working out on vacation Get it done early.

  • The later you wait to get a workout in, the more likely you are to talk yourself out of it or not find the time. Wake up just a little bit earlier before all the fun starts and get sweaty! It makes all the vacation food and drink taste that much better.

Do activities that double as workouts.

  • Walk on the beach, go on a hike, play volleyball, swim, whatever! Plan something with your friends/family that is also active and get in your workout in a different way.

Tell the people you’re with.

  • This matters a whole lot.  Tell the people you’re with that you’d like to get some workouts in.  This way, your friends/family are aware of what you’d like to accomplish and you may even get someone who wants to join you.  While I didn’t have anyone run with me this past week in Montauk, I did have walking company on those roads while I ran ahead.

Be flexible.

  • Working out shouldn’t feel stressful. Some days you may have time for a solid workout and other days you may need to adjust a workout or skip it altogether.  Do what you can and enjoy your vacation. Do not beat yourself up over a missed workout.

Each day after I completed my workout, I was rewarded with sun, outdoor drinking, and the chance to do one of my favorite summer activities (and a summer bucket list item!).

BUCKET LIST ITEM: Read on the beach.

I started this book on the beach on Monday and had it completed by the time I got back to Manhattan Wednesday evening so I obviously enjoyed it. There is very little that is more relaxing in life than one’s feet in the sand, a book in their hand, and the sound of ocean waves crashing in the background.

Montauk Beach, Long Island

Montauk Beach, Long Island

While my next vacation won’t be nearly as relaxing, I’m very excited to head out to the west coast in two weeks. These toes wanna touch the Pacific Ocean and this heart needs a fix of the happiest place on earth.


Where are you vacationing this summer?

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ready for a week at the beach!

My first week of NYCM training:

marathon training week 1

And now, I’m all packed and ready for a week full of sun and sand! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates from the beach!

Beach week!

Beach week!

Also, last Friday I chatted with  TheActiveTimes-  if you haven’t yet, go ahead and read the interview here!

Happy running, everyone!

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Knocking off some summer bucket list activities!

About a month ago, I made it my mission to have an amazing summer and accomplish a few summer bucket list items.  I’ve now knocked off two and plan to knock off at least one more next week.

2014 Summer Bucket List

SUMMER BUCKET LIST ITEM: Do something touristy in NYC.

  • WHAT: Boat Cruise around Manhattan
  • WHEN: Thursday, July 3

The lovely Alec brought it to my attention that NASH FM had teamed up with the Circle Line Thirsty Thursday cruises to offer a country music boat cruise around Manhattan. So yea, that basically took zero convincing on her part to get me to buy a ticket. We all know how much I love drinking outside. And country music. And drinking outside while listening to country music.

outdoor drankin

As I was taking all the obligatory “I’m on a boat” photos, I realized that all my photos were also the quintessential “I’m a tourist” photos so I asked the question, “does this count as my something touristy?” Alec and a surrounding stranger both agreed that yes, this counted.

manhattan boat cruise

These views absolutely took my breath away.  Even as a lifetime New Yorker, I got chills being so close to the Statue of Liberty, riding under the Brooklyn Bridge, and speeding past downtown Manhattan and the Freedom Tower, that I truly did feel like a tourist in my own city.

A big thanks to Alec for helping me to cross of my first bucket list item of the summer!

im on a boat

SUMMER BUCKET LIST ITEM: Go to a baseball game.

  • WHAT: Brooklyn Cyclones @ MCU Park, Coney Island
  • WHEN: Wednesday, July 16

I made it a bucket list item to see any baseball game.  I wasn’t gonna be picky here.  Can you believe I went ALL OF LAST SUMMER without going to a single baseball game?  Awful.

I couldn’t let that happen again… so when work sent out an e-mail for CUNY night at the Brooklyn Cyclones game, which included free tickets, a chance to cross an item off my bucket list, and another opportunity to drink outside, it was an obvious no-brainer.

coney island ny

But mostly the outdoor drinking. And my coworkers. And Katie.  They’re all pretty cool too.

coworker and friend love at mcu park

I’m excited to cross some other items off of my summer bucket list and perhaps even double cross off the two I’ve already completed.

I’ll be on vacation and very busy sunning myself on the beach next week so it may be quiet here on the blog but do not fret, NYCM training is in full swing and I’ll be getting in a long run before I leave NYC and will be continuing my workouts from a sandy shore. It’s a tough life.


Have you started fall marathon training yet? How are you balancing training and summer fun?

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ready for NYCM training and a thank you.

I know it’s been pretty silent here on the blog the past two weeks but I’ve been upset, and then busy, and then busy and upset, and then just exhausted.

My grandfather (who I mentioned was sick in my last post) passed peacefully at home on the fourth of July.  For a man who both loved and served his country, is there a better day?

During all the madness, I was able to get some workouts and runs in:


That 10 mile run Thursday morning served as therapy for me.  It’d been a few days since my legs moved much so it wasn’t a fast run (finished with a 10:18 pace) but it was exactly what I needed.

I contemplated between running in Central Park or running along the Hudson. Part of me was worried that running past the Intrepid would bring up too many memories of grandpa and I’d get too upset… but I chose that route anyway… and it was the right choice.

Last year, my uncle, cousin, and I brought gramps to the Intrepid.  He served on the Antietam in WWII, which is the sister ship to the Intrepid.  I hadn’t seen my grandfather so happy and animated in years.  He couldn’t tell us what he ate for breakfast but he was able to explain the type of aircraft his ship carried, the type of room he slept in, and all sorts of stories from his time in the Pacific.

Intrepid - Space Shuttle Enterprise

Intrepid Museum – Space Shuttle Enterprise

He wore his Antietam hat (of course) and every person who stopped to thank him for his service, grandpa promptly let them know how lucky he was, that he had 8 grandchildren, and then he’d point to me and my cousin, “aren’t they the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen?”

Intrepid Museum

Intrepid Museum – Flight Deck

We really did lose one of our bests last week.

Thank you to everyone who commented, sent messages, and/or e-mailed thoughts, prayers, and condolences. It truly means a lot.

And now? Well, now I’m ready to start NYCM training with my extra angel.  Lace up, gramps.


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