on marathon emotions…

Week 15 (first week of taper) for NYCM:

week 15 nycm

On marathon emotions:

Last year, I was an emotional wreck all throughout training. I cried at the end of long/tough training runs, I got choked up just thinking about the Chicago Marathon finish line (this video completely wrecked me), and I completely lost it after my last run before the marathon. I wanted that marathon so badlyIt was my first marathon after surgery, it was my first marathon without my grandmother – the whole thing became so much more than a race to me… and I loved having that as fuel.

But this year? My emotions weren’t in it.

I kept waiting for them to creep up. I kept waiting for that “I’m running right now in the pouring rain because I want this marathon more than anything” feeling rather than, “I’m running in the rain because this is the workout coach has me running today.” 

Before the marathon was even on the 10-day forecast, I began obsessing:


I know marathoners do this… but last year, I cared very little about marathon weather- because I wanted that marathon more than anything - so while I checked everyday, I cared very little when the forecast predicted thunderstorms on race day the entire week (it ended up being sunny and 60s, FYI).

This year? I cared. I didn’t want to run in the rain. Or cold. Or wind. Or all three. (I still don’t, but, ya know, just go with me here).

Until last Tuesday.

My “easy run” for the week took me to Central Park. It was absolutely perfect out and the pace felt good, really good, and I found myself just loving being in the park and enjoying the atmosphere and foliage… and then there they were. The grandstands.

And I had to hop off the path.


This is what I was waiting for.

The emotions.

The “OMG I love this sport and I don’t care what happens that day as long as I get to run 26.2 miles through the greatest city in the world” feeling.

I put my hands on my knees. I cried.

This is so much more than a race.

See you on Sunday, grandstand bleachers. 


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The hay is in the barn: NYCM taper time!

First up, workouts from week 14 of NYCM training:

nycm week 14

The hay is in the barn: It’s taper time!

With my last 20-miler complete and less than 2 weeks until race day, it is officially time to taper! Time to decrease the mileage, increase the sleeping, repair these muscles, and rebuild all the glycogen I’ve so willingly depleted these past few weeks.

Thanks Alec, for thinking of me when you saw this...

Thanks Alec, for thinking of me when you saw this…

If you’ve been reading DErunnerNIAL since last year, you know how loony toons I usually get during the taper period:

I even made a “taper crazies” checklist that I’ve since seen many a people pin on Pinterest or post on Instagram:

youve got the crazies

This is the shortest taper period I’ve ever had as I usually do a three week taper soooo perhaps my crazies won’t be as crazy this year? Or is that wishful thinking?

ryan gosling

I’m already experiencing the ‘stuffed up, can’t breathe, I obviously have some strand of the bubonic plague’ going on so that’s fun. Here’s to lots of sleep, whole foods, Emergen-C, and tea knocking this out real quick!  It actually makes me feel a lot better to read my checklist from last year to see that yes, this is normal, you’ve gotten a cold during taper before and still finished a marathon. 

woohoo ryan gosling

Actually, the biggest thing I’m worried about this year is fueling. I haven’t done anything different my past two long runs but during both runs I had a “omg I need a restroom right this second” moment and luckily, I happened to be right near a restroom at the time.  But seriously, WTF? That cannot happen on marathon day. Start praying to the marathon gods right now. Thanks.

ALSO – if you haven’t already seen, I shared some taper tips with The Active Times last week so check them out here! Hopefully, I can remember my own advice these next 12 days…


How do you deal with the taper crazies?

Tell me the most ridiculous taper crazy moment you’ve had so I can feel less like a loony toon…


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Post-NYC Marathon: Dopey Challenge Training

Workouts from week 13 of NYCM training:

week 13 nycm training

My motto during Saturday’s rainy 22 miler:

via Instagram @derunnernial

via Instagram @derunnernial

And since I took that photo at the WDW Marathon expo last year, how about posting about those post-NYCM plans, eh?

Post NYCM plans: Dopey Challenge training

When I first decided to register for Disney’s Dopey Challenge, a major deciding factor was that it would require minimal training since I would only have to maintain fitness after the NYC Marathon in November.  Also, I don’t really “train” for Disney races. I train for the distance but I don’t think about time – at all. 

Case in point, my goals for the Disney Half the past two years have been to run in a sparkly skirt and PR in number of pictures taken. 

When creating my training schedule, there were a few things I was looking to do:

  • Incorporate all of my beloved fitness classes that I hadn’t incorporated into marathon training (such as Soulcycle and Zumba).
  • Keep weekday runs at a minimum as it will be dark when I get home from work.
  • Allow recovery from NYCM and do a reverse taper before peaking three weeks before Dopey.
  • Complete the longest run of the week on tired legs (to simulate running a marathon the day after a half-marathon).

My Dopey Challenge training:

Dopey Challenge training

I’m not holding myself to any time or pace goals for the Dopey races so I’m not incorporating any specific speedwork. If it happens, it happens… and it’ll most likely happen at Monday night’s run club.  I’m also toying with the idea of maybe throwing in a lunchtime short run on Wednesdays before Soulcycle. That will depend mostly on what my work day looks like and the weather here in NYC… both of which can be unpredictable.

Obviously, my first priority at the moment is to get to the NYCM finish line, but boy am I excited to get myself down to Disney… and run some a lot of magical miles with other runners dopeys.


Who else is running the Dopey Challenge? The NYCM?

How do you adjust your training in the winter months?

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You may be peaking for a marathon if…

First up, workouts from week 12 of NYCM training:

week 12 nycm

Peak weeks of marathon training:

With only two weeks to go until it is officially TAPER TIME for the NYCM, I’ve now entered my peak weeks of training. So basically, my mileage will be at it’s highest and my workouts at their strongest.  Lots of quantity and quality mileage these next 14 days.

Since I want to do my best to not freak out about all the mileage coming up this week (OMG THE MILEAGE!), I figured I’d keep it nice and light here with some signs you may be peaking for a marathon.

Signs you may be peaking for a marathon…

You can’t remember the last time you weren’t hungry.


You’ve never slept so good. Life is basically run, eat, pass out.

eyes open or closed doesnt matter

Sore is your new normal.

oh it's totally rad

You’re kind of over the whole “training for a marathon” thing.

i just want my life back

The thought of actually running 26.2 miles at marathon goal pace is petrifying.

yep completely petrifying

You can’t wait to taper but at the same time you know the taper will drive you crazy.

taper crazies


Anyone peaking for a marathon right now? 

Any tips for actually believing that I can run at marathon goal pace? 


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