Long runs & two things guaranteed to make runners scream.

First up, week 11 of NYCM training:

week 11 nycm

Conquering long runs:

My number one piece of advice for anyone nervous before their first really long run is to mentally split the run into sections.  When I hit my first 16 miler of this training cycle a few weeks ago, it helped to mentally split the run into 4 parts of 4 miles.  With the 18 mile Tune-Up in Central Park, once I calmed myself down, I mentally split the run into 3 loops and would only focus on the loop I was currently running.

This past weekend, I was set to cover 20 miles.  I’m always prepared to “mentally” split a run but when the opportunity is there to physically split it up, even better!

Sunday’s 20M:

  • Section 1: 1 mile warm-up
  • Section 2: 10 mile race (Bronx 10M)
  • Section 3: 9 miles back to Manhattan and around Central Park

The 1 mile warm-up barely registered, the 10 mile race was (obviously) exciting and when that was over, there was this feeling of only having 9 miles left. This made the 20 miles so much less daunting. I really love incorporating races into my long runs – see here from my 21 mile training run from 2011.

Also, I had great company:

Bronx 10M via jessdefilippo

Thanks to Jessica for the company and thanks to my lovely coach for introducing us!

Two things guaranteed to make runners scream:

During the Bronx 10M, I realized something… there are two guaranteed ways to get runners to scream during a race:

  1. Seeing the lead runners pass by on an out and back course.
  2. Running through a tunnel.

Runners are each others’ biggest supports so number 1 is no surprise. When those lead runners basically lap you, there’s no jealousy, only support. There’s clapping, there’s cheering, there’s all sorts of “whoo”ing.

But then number 2… what is it about running through a tunnel?! Why is it so much fun? Why does everyone feel the need to scream? The Bronx had a few tunnels throughout the course and without fail, runners “whoo”ed through every single one.  Okay, I whooed too. I don’t even know why. Sorry I’m not sorry.


How do you mentally conquer long runs?

Do you scream going through tunnels? Any idea why it’s so darn fun?

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By the numbers…

Just some random mid-week fun for ya! Don’t forget that there is still time to enter to win the most gigantic box of Balance Bars you can imagine!

By the numbers…


  • The number of miles in NYRR’s Bronx 10M on Sunday.
  • Also, the number of miles I’m adding to the Bronx 10M on Sunday.



  • The number of my favorite month. I might be the only person who is insanely cranky this time of year. Can’t it just be August forever? I WANT IT TO BE ENDLESS SUMMER AND ALWAYS HOT AND NEVER COLD AND I NEVER WANT TO WEAR BOOTS AND I NEVER WANT TO WEAR A SWEATER AND IT JUST NEEDS TO BE HOT ALL THE GOSH DAMN TIME.


  • The age of Mr. Big, my favorite construction worker!
He's been helping the contractors in the kitchen.

He’s been helping the contractors in the kitchen.


  • The number of shows on my DVR right now that I can’t wait to sit down and watch:
    • Big Bang Theory 
    • Person of Interest
    • New Girl 
    • The Mindy Project
    • The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


  • The number of days until I see the top 5 comedians from NBC’s Last Comic Standing live!


  • The number of months until I return to the happiest place on earth!
  • Also the number of months until I run the dopiest thing I’ve ever signed up for…


  • The number of days I’m going to spend hanging out with Papa DErunnerNIAL next week binge watching Netflix while he recovers from his surgery. I’m thinking we start with Season 1 of The Blacklist. Good choice?


  • The number of days left in my work week! Three day weekends FTW :-)


Pick a number and tell me something random!

Any tips for my 20 miler this weekend?


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2014 Goals Check-in.

First up, workouts from week 10 of NYCM training:

week 10 nycm training

Also, don’t forget to enter my Balance Bar giveaway! 

 2014 Goals Check-In:

Seeing as though we’re approaching the fourth quarter of 2014 (WHAT?! How is that even possible?!), I figured it was a good time to check in on the goals I set for myself back in January.

Goal #1: Pin on a bib 14 times

  1. WDW Half-Marathon (January 2014)
  2. Gridiron 4M (February 2014)
  3. Spring Meltdown (March 2014)
  4. Run for the Parks (April 2014)
  5. Brooklyn Half-Marathon (May 2014)
  6. Oakley Mini 10k (June 2014)
  7. Queens 10k (June 2014)
  8. NYRR Training Run #1 (July 2014)
  9. 18M Tune-Up (September 2014)

Not so bad! I’ve got the Bronx 10M (race #10) this weekend, the NYCM (race #11), and my annual Turkey Trot (race #12) already scheduled. I figure I can get two more races in there no problem!

Goal #2: Run 1000 miles

forget glass slippers_ tshirt

With MANY MORE miles to come just in the week ahead (first 20 miler on Sunday – gah!), I’ve already hit 92 miles for September, totaling 632 for 2014. I figure I need to average around 120 miles/month for October-December. It’s not impossible, especially with Dopey coming up in January. We shall see.

Goal #3: Start moving in the direction of making fitness a full-time career.

do it

Not as far along as I originally thought I’d be by now but quite happy with where I am.  I plan to get certified as a running coach in the next few months and will go from there with what feels best for me at the moment.


CHECK IN: How are you doing with your 2014 goals?

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Some more bucket list items and a Balance Bar giveaway!

Remember that Summer Bucket list? Well, it’s still summer and I’ve still been knocking off some items! These might be the last of them before September 21st but I’d say 7/10 is not too shabby!

SUMMER BUCKET LIST ITEM: Have a rooftop beer

  • WHERE: Ummmm somewhere in Hoboken (Brian… help?)
  • WHEN: Saturday, August 30

So I don’t actually remember the name of the bar. I ran 15 miles that morning and got to bar #1 for the day at 3pm (BC Gamewatch vs. UMASS!). By the time I got to the rooftop bar, I was at bar #5 (Brian’s apartment counts as a bar because he has a tap in his living room, right?) and it was quite late.

It's nice to know the brewer - http://www.departedsoles.com/

It’s nice to know the brewer – http://www.departedsoles.com/

While drinking our beers on a rooftop, we played “Heads up!” and took a ridiculous selfie so I could document my rooftop drinking.

I have no caption for this.

I have no caption for this.

SUMMER BUCKET LIST ITEM: Kayak on the Hudson

  • WHERE: Manhattan Kayak at Pier 84
  • WHEN: Saturday, September 6

FINALLY! I finally got to kayak on the Hudson after years of running by people enjoying themselves on the water.

At first, it seemed like it was going to rain on our parade boat ride but we lucked out! We went out in a small group of 5 kayakers and an instructor and spent a solid 75 minutes out on the Hudson River.

manhattan kayak

Thanks to Alec, yet again, for helping me knock off a bucket list item. You’re the bestest!

Photo via Alec @popfitlife

Photo via Alec @popfitlife

Balance Bar Giveaway

A while back, Balance Bar contacted me to see if I was interested in celebrating International Chocolate Day (9/13) with them. Ummm… no brainer!

I’ve been snacking on Balance Bars since college when I worked at the Boston College Plex as a personal trainer.  My shifts were long and I used my lunch hour to work out so eating a big meal didn’t always happen almost never happened. I would bring some snacks for my shift and would always buy a Balance Bar at the vending machine before or after my workout depending on how I felt.

Balance Bar sent me a big box of Dark Chocolate Crunch and Dark Chocolate Caramel Macchiato bars.  I’ve been munching on them the past few days (including right after my 18 miler on Sunday) and was even nice enough to share some with my brother.

Balance Bar Giveaway!

Balance Bar Giveaway!

Lucky for you, Balance Bar has offered to send one of you a box just like mine! (And they’re gluten free for any gluten free folks out there!)

Just comment below and tell me something fun you did this summer and I will randomly pick a winner on September 27 at midnight ET.

Good luck!


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