a Meb Keflezighi story.

First up, workouts from last week:www A Meb Keflezighi Story:

I’ve written about this before.  I’ve posted the photos before.  I will honestly find any reason to tell this story again… and after Meb’s win in the Boston Marathon yesterday, now’s a perfect time as any to bust out the story once more…

I’ve been a huge fan of Meb’s since I first started accidentally signing up for marathons running.  I didn’t know much about the running community and I most definitely did not pay attention to professional running but you bet I knew who Meb was, NYers love him.

Back when I ran the Las Vegas Half-Marathon in 2011, I found out that Meb would be at the Expo and I made it one of my top priorities to get there early to see him.  My parents and I waited in line and by the time we reached him, his “meet and greet” was coming to an end.  Did he tell us that was it?  That we missed our chance? That it was too late and it was time for him to go home?  Nope.  He spent a solid 20 minutes talking with me and my family.

best friends forever - meb and i

Me: Hey! You won my first ever marathon in NYC! I was right behind you, obviously…

Meb: (laughing) Yea? Well then I have something to show you. Don’t let me forget.

(Meb signs my copy of Run to Win, telling me how great it was to share the NYC streets with me)

Meb: (digging through his bag) Here! 

Meb puts the winning NYCM medal on the table in front of me.  Awed, I take out my camera and go to take a photo.  As I have my camera zoomed on the medal, Meb waves his hand over the medal, “no no no.”

2009 NYCM winning medal

Gah! He didn’t want me to take a photo of it! I felt so dumb!

Meb: Take it out of the box.  Put it on!

Wait, what?!? Meb wanted me to taaaaake the medal and put it on?!

holding the winning NYCM medal.. like a boss

Me: Wow, it’s so heavy!

Meb, to my mother: Ahh that second place medal must be much lighter.

Meb, you are an absolute inspiration.  You show us how hard work and believing in yourself are keys to success.  You teach us that winning doesn’t necessarily mean coming in first.  You are humble. You somehow make it feel like your victory is our victory, that we somehow played a part in your triumph. Congrats on your amazing win yesterday.

meb winning boston marathon


Congrats to all Boston Marathon finishers!

Do you have a running hero?

Who is your “health hero?” I spoke about mine in last weeks’ post about who keeps me healthy.  

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Who Keeps You Healthy?

Last week, I was contacted by someone at the American Recall Center to participate in their “Who Keeps You Healthy?” campaign.

via American Recall Center

via American Recall Center

Well, who does keep me healthy?  At first, I struggled with this one.  I mean, I started running for me.  I don’t have a regular gym or running buddy, my dog lives on Long Island with my parents, I have no kids who I need to keep up with… so really, who keeps me healthy?

And then it came to me.  While I started running for me (and I still do, of course), it’s become pretty evident over the past few years, through long training cycles and races, that I’m also running for my parents.

NYCM Finish Line Bleachers

at the NYCM finish line bleachers

My parents don’t run (although I do sign them up to walk races) but over the years, they’ve traveled near and far to spectate and cheer for me.  They’ve woken up before the sun to help me get to a start line. They’ve taken off work.  They’ve flown to Chicago, Las Vegas, and Florida… twice.  They’ve walked all over Manhattan for 3 NYC Marathons so that I had familiar faces at various miles. They’ve made signs and banners. They’ve waved flags and rang bells. They’ve kept their phones close and waited for a tracking update.

I often think of them on particularly challenging runs.  It helps to imagine that I’m running my goal race.  What do I hear? What do I see?  How do I feel?  Where is my family?  

In every marathon, they are in almost every thought of mine.  What are they doing? When will I see them next? Or, like in last years’ Chicago Marathon, “Where are they? They are the only people who matter right now.”

It’s a feeling I get whenever I cross a mat during a race, knowing that they’ll receive a tracking update. It’s why I’ve never had to walk on the 59th St Bridge because I knew they were waiting on the other side. They keep me going.  Knowing that they are counting on me and waiting for me, it keeps me moving forward.

So much of being healthy is having someone (or someones) who believe in you.

So thanks, mom and dad, for spectating like champions, motivating me when you don’t even realize, and keeping my healthy and moving forward.  Where’s our next race?


So tell me, who keeps you healthy?

The American Recall Center’s most recent “Health Hero”, Amy, shared her story of a recalled hip replacement and the perseverance it took to get her life back on track. It is her goal to make everyone more aware of the potentially dangerous hip implants people are living with. You can click here for information on hip replacement complications and recalls. 


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Have I mentioned I’m running a half-marathon in 33 days?

First up, workouts from last week:


Oh right, I’m running a half-marathon in 33 days:

I feel like the Brooklyn Half-Marathon has completely snuck up on me this year! I’ve run this race before but have taken off the past few years for various reasons- but don’t worry, Brooklyn, I’m making my return this May!

brooklyn egg

Previous Brooklyn Half-Marathon posts:


I have no intention of racing Brooklyn for time.  I’m using this “training” as a way to get myself used to running 4x a week again.  On race day, I’m going to enjoy the run, get myself to the damn beach, and drink a big ol’ glass of beer at the finish line.  Who else is IN?

Brooklyn Half “Training” Schedule:

brooklyn half marathon training schedule


A big congrats to Meagan who won the Spartan Race giveaway! 

Who’s running Brooklyn this year? Celebratory beers at the finish?!?


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First Quarter Review and 4th Race of 2014.

First up, workouts from last week:


First Quarter Review:

Back in January, I set the goal of running 14 races and 1000 miles in 2014 so I figured now’s a good time to see how I’m doing and make sure that these goals are still attainable.

get me to the darn moon


  1. Walt Disney World Half-Marathon
  2. Gridiron 4M
  3. Spring Meltdown 15k
  4. Run for the Parks 4M

This past weekend, my college roommate came down to NYC for some good beers, food, running, and of course, me.

too bad we can't just date each other

We ran the Run for the Parks 4M in Central Park yesterday morning, treating it as more of a “fun run” than a race.  We used it as a way to burn off some of the extra calories fun we indulged in over our girls’ weekend and a way to enjoy the awesome springtime weather.  4th race = complete! 10 more to go!


  • January = 59 miles
  • February = 48 miles
  • March = 63 miles

at what cost, man?

I’m obviously not breaking any records with these monthly mileages.  For the first 3 months of 2014, I’ve accumulated a total of 170 miles.  I’ve got 9 months to reach my goal of 1,000 miles, meaning I need to average 92 miles a month going forward.  With 4 months of marathon training coming up (and also training for an endurance event I never thought I’d attempt), I think this will be doable.

Other Fun Stuff:

Here’s to an awesome 2nd quarter of 2014!

dancy pants

How’d your first quarter go? Tell me something awesome!

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