I’ll get you, my pretty: 2015 Brooklyn Half-Marathon.

After sleeping through my shakeout run Friday morning, I figured I’d do some light yoga when I got home after work. Yea, I didn’t do that either. Instead, I sat on my couch and ate more than is required to run 13.1 miles. I’m not even sorry.

so delicately

My alarm went off at 4:51 (have I mentioned that setting an alarm in a time that ends with a 0 or 5 makes me antsy and I won’t do it? #weirdo) and I, very miserably, got myself dressed and ready to head out the door to pick up Jess and Michelle by 5:30am.

I like watching/listening to the news in the morning as I get ready but was super disappointed/annoyed that I was UP TOO EARLY ON A WEEKEND and the news wasn’t on. That’s right, I was up before the news. Did you know that the news comes on at 5:30am on Saturdays? Because it does. So yea, I was stuck watching NY1. Good times.

We chatted in the cab on our way to the start, hoping the rain would hold off but glad we had hats for the run and dry clothes for after just in case it didn’t. As I really had no time goals for this race, I felt super relaxed.

brooklyn half start

Brooklyn Half Breakdown:

Start – Prospect Park

This whole part was just yuck. It was hot and humid and by mile 3 I was actually wishing for a slight drizzle.  As the miles went on, I figured that there was no way I was going to have a good race. My breathing felt labored, the sweat wasn’t evaporating off my skin and was instead itching every part of me, and my legs were all “nope, don’t want to do this today.”

lead (or dead) legs

At the top of the Prospect Park hill of death, I decided I’d just maintain the pace and try to finish happy. I believe my exact words were, “it’s not like I’m winning this thing.”

The remainder of the park is downhill so that definitely helped physically (and cut lots of seconds off the pace) but getting out of the park did tons for my mental well-being. Prospect Park < Central Park.

Ocean Parkway

The slight incline of the ramp getting on to Ocean Parkway felt absolutely insane this year. Has it always been that bad?

Despite feeling awful in those beginning miles and already resolving myself to not having a good race, I really started to settle into my run on Ocean Parkway. The miles seemed to tick by and my legs started to feel really good.

By mile 8 it began to drizzle (which felt really good) and then almost immediately it started pouring (which felt really bad). But whatever, it’s just water, and contrary to what some scorned men of my past may tell you, I don’t melt.


By mile 11, the rain stopped and it was within this mile that I finally looked at my watch and did the math. I leaned over to Jess, “I can PR.”

I haven’t raced a half-marathon since 2012 and I’m definitely a stronger runner now than I was back then so I kinda figured this would happen. But still, I almost didn’t allow myself to think it until we got close enough that I knew it could happen… and easily.

Coney Island 

Now that I knew a PR was going to happen even though I hadn’t even tried, I was all sorts of giddy. As we got closer and closer to the finish line, I couldn’t contain my excitement for the upcoming months. I cannot wait to push myself and really see what I can do with the half-marathon distance come September.

Unfortunately, while I was prancing on air, Jess was rolling her ankle in a water-filled pothole so that kind of dampened her race a little a lot. We held hands to get up the ramp to the boardwalk and continued holding hands to the finish line, finishing Meb-style like the adorable solemates we have become these past few months.

bk half finish line


Upon crossing the finish line, I shook Mary Wittenberg’s hand (one last time!), ran into my hs friend Nico (hey there buddyyy!), refueled quickly with some salty drinks/snacks (I figured this was better than licking the salt off my face #gross), and then we got ourselves to bag check as fast as we could.

The second I got my bag, I began stripping immediately. Parking lot full of strangers? Ain’t no thang. Within seconds, I had on a dry shirt and sports bra and was changing out of my soaked pants with a black garbage bag around my waist. #classy

The rest of the day was perfect. I had a beer with and then lunch (order not recommended after a long distance race – whoops), watched the Rangers game from my couch, and ended the evening with Pitch Perfect 2.

So there ya have it. I PRed without trying (2:03:20) and finished hand-in-hand with a girl who has rocked my socks since the first day we tweeted to each other.

brooklyn half parking lot

Congrats to all Brooklyn Half finishers!


What should I do in the six weeks before I start Newport training?

How can I convince my Super to install a seat in my shower for when I’m tired post-race?


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Brooklyn Half: A race weekend done right…

First up, workouts from BK Half week:


This weekend was for:

  • Pre-partying with my favorite RB in Brooklyn.
  • Being floored, yet again, by my own city.

airbnbbkhalf pre party

  • Shutting off an early alarm and choosing sleep over a shakeout run.
  • A long phone call and a gigantic plate of chicken parm and linguini.
  • An early wake-up and a cab ride to Brooklyn.
  • 13.1 miles next to my dearest RB (full Brooklyn Half recap will be up soon!).
  • Changing clothes under a garbage bag in a parking lot full of people. #classy
  • Drinking half a beer before realizing that hey, I should probably eat something since I just ran a half-marathon.
  • Having a movie date night. #IveGotMyTicketForTheLongWayRound
  • Actually enjoying my recovery run.

weekend things

  • Seeing my first Broadway show of 2015 (I know, I’ve been slacking).
  • Enjoying a meal at Ruby Foo’s with my mama for her birthday.
  • Feeling optimistic about everything. I took the cranky pants off and threw them out. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


NEXT UP: 2015 Brooklyn Half-Marathon recap

Who else raced this weekend?

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Dopey Challenge Part Deux: So about that whole “taking a break from the marathon” thing…

I’m now registered for marathons #7 and #8. Yea yea, I know, I wasn’t going to run a marathon this fall. I was “taking a break.”

we were on a break

Apparently, there was also confusion on my end as to what a “break” from marathoning meant.

It all started with a text message…

im too easy dopey challenge registration

So yea, that didn’t take long at all.

Once the (quick) decision was made to run the Dopey Challenge again, I was immediately excited and rather impatient (shocker, I know) for registration day.

In true runner/Disney-fan fashion, Nicole sent me the following texts while we waited for the active link to open at noon:




After lots of site-crashing (seriously, runDisney, this CANNOT happen on registration day. lock it up.) and heart pounding, Nicole and I were each $586.25 poorer. Apparently, you can put a price on happiness.

happiness costs money, folks

Once the excitement of registration wore off, I started to think about training. With no plans to train hard (or at all) for a fall marathon, my number one tip for running the Dopey Challenge was kaput.

So I threw it out there…

tweet late fall marathon

And Twitter did not disappoint. Within just a few minutes, I had a short (and long) list of marathons to consider.

fall marathon ideas via twitter

I eventually decided on running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 22nd for the following reasons:

  • The date is perfect. It gives me exactly 2 months to work up my marathon running (not racing… or maybe racing. I CAN’T HANDLE TOUGH DECISIONS) fitness after the Newport Liberty Half (still my goal race for 2015)
  • It’s super easy to get to for myself and my family
  • The elevation profile isn’t all that daunting
  • I hear the crowd support is great (not NYC level, but really- what is?)
  • Nicole is running it as a training run for Dopey as well because she’s got family in the area and she and I own the same pair of crazy pants

So there ya have it – Ms. “taking a break from the marathon” is now registered for 2 more. Also, I now have two Disney trips planned for 2016 (January and February). C’mon, Prince Charming, these trips don’t pay for themselves.


Who has run the Philly Marathon before? Send me recaps!


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The worst 5K ever and my lowlight reel.

It was gorgeous out yesterday (NYC, you are NAILING springtime) and I spent the entire day looking forward to my easy 3 mile run after work. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Not even close.

Well, the run happened, but it sure as hell wasn’t easy. Instead of easy and relaxing and fun, it was a 3 mile suckfest. It was 3 miles of lead legs trying to run through a swamp where some asshole was piling in quicksand as I ran. How could it be that just mere days ago I ran 11 miles of awesomeness?

I get it- my legs are tired, it was hot, blah blah blah. It still sucks to have a crappy run the week of a race. I’m taking the day off today to do some yoga (probably a good idea since it’s supposed to be 90 and humid and I’m a fan of breathing during my runs) so I’m hoping that Wednesday’s run will feel much better.

The crappy run, combined with the ESPNW article that came out last week about the “split image” of what is posted on social media vs. what is truly going on in one’s life/mind, got me thinking about what I post and the image I send out to anyone who decides this blog or any of my accounts are worth following.

Yesterday is a perfect example. I posted this photo from Trinity Church Cemetery on my Instagram:

trinity church cemetery

Sure, I also wrote that the peace was exactly what I needed at that moment, but did I mention why I needed that peace? It’s because I spent the entire morning cranky. Hell, I spent the entire weekend cranky. But would you know that? Nope. Especially if you read about my weekend here.

It was a good weekend, it really was. I was surrounded by great people and I enjoyed myself and I smiled and I laughed… but if I allowed myself even one second to really think, I got frustrated and cranky. While I’m being honest, I’m still kinda cranky.

In this world of everyone sharing all their shiny moments, it can be hard to remember that people are only showing you what they want you to see. I definitely need to be better myself at not comparing my lowlights to someone else’s highlights.

I do try my best to be honest here about when running is not fun or easy or when life isn’t necessarily going my way and I will continue to do so going forward. Looking back though, even my “I’m so cranky” posts always end up positive somehow. I’ve got a pretty positive outlook on life in general, and while I do think that is one of my best qualities, it’s also why most people can’t really tell when something is bothering me.

So that’s it, really. A photo is just a photo. It doesn’t show you what’s really going on behind the scenes. It’s something to remind yourself of every now and then often.


Go ahead. Give me a lowlight.

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