30 things I’m thankful for on my 30th Thanksgiving.

29 years old equals 30 Thanksgivings. Woah!

I feel like I have so many reasons to be thankful every day of the year but it’s nice to have a holiday that really makes me think about all the good things in my life and it’s nice to have a blog where I can write ’em down and share it with the 12 people, including my mom, who read this.

So here ya go, in no particular order, 30 things that make me one unbelievably lucky lady:

Before this gets serious, I am unbelievably thankful that pizza exists. I’m thankful that it exists in all forms and that it makes its way into my mouth as often as it does.

I’m also thankful for green grapes that look like they’re on steroids, seltzer of all flavors, hard root beer, and the fact that someone invented the DVR to allow me to eat pizza and green grapes on my couch for hours at a time without ever getting bored.

30 reasons to be thankful 1I’m thankful for a school that had the best of everything, Boston College. I’m thankful for a job that I enjoy (mostly, it’s still a job. When I hit the lotto, it’ll be the first thing I stop doing.).

I’m thankful that this job has provided me with coworkers that have become friends and that it helps me to do incredible things like live in Manhattan and take countless trips to Disney.

That being said, I’m so very thankful for Disney and the childlike joy it brings me (the grapefruit beer helps too).

30 reasons to be thankful 2

I’m thankful to have grown up on beautiful Long Island.

I’m thankful for my parents who provided a childhood that was so incredible it feels like it should be a movie that people watch and say, “no family is ever this happy.” But we were. We still are.

I’m thankful every day that someone like my brother exists. I’m thankful that he found a lady who fits into our little bubble and will actually respond on our family group text (John only responds to questions directed specifically at him and photos of Mr. Big.).

On that note, I am extremely thankful for my 7 year-old furry pumpkin pants, Mr Big.

I’m thankful for all things Justin and how he makes me excited for things I wasn’t even sure I wanted.

30 reasons to be thankful 3I’m thankful for a large extended family who I would choose to be around even if we weren’t related. I’m thankful that they all live nearby and that our get-together’s are loud and full of laughter.

I’m thankful that I got to grow up with 3 of my grandparents, developing a strong relationship with them well into my adult life.

I’m thankful for an upstate house that is already full of so many memories. I’m thankful for the memories our growing family has yet to make there.

30 reasons to be thankful 4

I’m thankful for running and the entire running community. I’m thankful for marathon spectators (especially my traveling clan).

I’m thankful that I live near incredible running routes that are safe and beautiful (I’m looking at you, Central Park and Hudson River) with bathrooms and water fountains.

I am eternally thankful for my running friends who have spent countless hours and miles either talking or just breathing next to me.

I’m thankful for Soulcycle and a gym that is pay-per-visit since I spend so much time on my outdoor treadmill known as NYC.

And damn am I thankful for a body that allows me to do awesome things like run marathons all over this beautiful country.


Thank you, everyone and everything, for a long list that was absurdly easy to write. What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

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The recap before the recap: 2015 Philadelphia Marathon.

If you follow me on social media, you know the following:

  • The Philadelphia Marathon was this past Sunday
  • I ran it
  • I basically treated the course like a 26.2 mile dance party
Tour Philly on foot: CHECK

Tour Philly on foot: CHECK

This was never a PR race for me. I had no intention of racing this course in the slightest. I did no speed work and was completing 2-3 runs per week, with all weekday runs somewhere between 2 and 4 miles. And somehow, this was still my second fastest marathon. It’s also the second time I negative-split the marathon distance (first time was in Chicago). WOOT WOOT!

What I did during the Philadelphia Marathon:

  • Chat about life and random things with Nicole for 26.2 miles
  • Strike up conversations with other runners along the course
  • High-five as many people as possible
  • Randomly scream out stuff like “We can do hard things!” and “Have you got XX more minutes in ya?!”
  • Literally dance in the streets every time I ran by music

By the numbers:

  • Finish time of 4:21:35 (9:58 pace)
  • First 13.1M in 2:12:06 (10:05), second 13.1M in 2:09:29 (9:53)
    • Negative split of almost a full 3 minutes
  • Runners high of infinity


Stay tuned for a full Philadelphia Marathon recap after the holiday!

I will never feel less guilty about enjoying copious amounts of holiday food :-)


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Goals for 2015 Philadelphia Marathon.

Workouts from the second week of Philadelphia Marathon tapering:

philly marathon taper

Goals for this Sunday’s Philadelphia Marathon:

When I originally registered for this marathon, it was just to have a training marathon under my belt by the time the Dopey Challenge rolled around in early January. While that’s still the case and I haven’t been training for this marathon the way I would if this were a goal race, I’d still like to give it my best shot out there on Sunday.

Aiming for THIS happy at the finish line... with a tad more clothing on.

Aiming for THIS happy at the finish line… with a tad more clothing on.

Goal #1: Run the strongest race I have in me

  • This was never a PR marathon for me and I don’t expect to PR on Sunday. I do, however, expect to run the best race I can given my current fitness level. I want to cross that finish line knowing that I gave it my all out there.

Goal #2: Smile for the cameras my loved ones on the sidelines

  • Even if I’m hurting, I want to at least look like I’m having fun when I pass my parents and Justin along the course. If all goes well, I’ll be able to see them at least three times! Yay for spectator-friendly marathon courses!

Goal #3: Smile for the cameras

  • Yea, it’s important to look good for the fam, but it’s what the cameras capture that will be posted for everyone to see. I’m going to spend the rest of the week carb-loading and perfecting my “this hurts so much and I have no energy to smile” smile.

It’s taken me a while to get pumped up for this race but I’m definitely there now.

See ya, Sunday, Philly.

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Taper crazies?

First up, workouts from week 1 of Philadelphia Marathon taper:

www marathon taper 1

I had to do some shuffling of workouts since Tuesday I ended up at the Isles game in Brooklyn and then spent the weekend in Boston.

boston college

The benefit of making my own schedule and not trying to PR this marathon is that I have a little more flexibility when it comes to rearranging my training around my social life. Also, that 10M run was supposed to be 13-15M but the temps were above 75 with 80% humidity in NYC and my legs were all “bahaha nope” so I adjusted and felt zero guilt.

That time my marathon sign became famous:

marathon sign

This sign is always a hit with the runners and now, finally, at my 3rd race cheering with it, it got some online recognition! Multiple friends/followers found this photo on Instagram when it was posted by the runner, RunKeeper, and then the nycmarathon. When this lovely runner stopped and asked to take a picture with me, I figured I’d never see the photo. Thank you, internet!

Lacking in my taper crazies:

marathon taper crazies

So yea, seems I’m severely lacking in my taper crazies this year. (Taper crazies from years past: you’re probably tapering for a marathon, marathon nightmares)

What I’m experiencing the most right now is the kind of exhaustion that only happens during these taper weeks. No bedtime is too early, every alarm is too early, and I can basically fall asleep at any given moment during the day. The appetite is really starting to pick up too. Yesterday, I ate 5 slices of pizza for lunch and was still starving come dinnertime. But other than that, I’m not experiencing the taper the way I have in years past.

Some reasons why I may not be experiencing full taper crazies:

  • My training was laughable and my body is all, “hahaha tapering from what?”
  • The lack of taper crazies is a new kind of taper crazy designed to give me a false sense of security
  • The full taper crazies are just around the corner and are waiting for me to let my guard down before striking with full force

I know the taper crazies drive me INSANE with each marathon but now my lack of taper crazies are making me even nuttier. I cannot win. Why do I keep signing up for this?


Less than two weeks to Philly… who else is IN?

Tell me about a time you didn’t experience taper crazies and then had the best – race – ever. TELL ME IT’S POSSIBLE.

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